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Hoss needs a lawyer but the only one available is an alcoholic. Its up to the Cartwright's and Candy to keep him sober until the trial.

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    • Author: Butius
    This in my opinion was one of their very best written and directed episodes. The entire cast is top shelf.. Albert Dekker who portrayed the alcoholic attorney hired because no other lawyer in town would take the case was SUPERB... Why he wasn't nominated and won an EMMY for his guest appearance was a classic example why Bonanza never won a major acting trophy in it's 14 year run... Leon Benson one of the better directors of the time added an extra dimension of depth to the teleplay which was excellent..

    Season 9 was a major transition in the series with the addition of a new character (Candy), a new producer, new writers and directors which gave Bonanza a fresh transfusion and vitalized the series... Bonanza was always an underrated series in the quality of it's later scripts and direction... The 67-68 season was one of their best, Season 10 was also one of the very best..

    Sadly Albert Dekker passed away a week before this episode aired from auto erotic asphyxiation.. A brilliant eccentric actor whose talent was unparrelled.
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    • Author: Braned
    In one of his last performances Albert Dekker stands out as a dipsomaniac trial lawyer who is the only chance that Dan Blocker has of being acquitted of a murder robbery he didn't commit.

    It's a given that Hoss Cartwright isn't guilty of anything. But he got knocked unconscious and a cattle buyer who was carrying a large amount of money is stabbed to death. Stabbed with a pocket knife that Hoss owned.

    Even with Ben, Little Joe, and Candy standing guard over him it's an effort to keep Dekker sober. But it's during a moment of temptation that Dekker and Lorne Greene figure it out.

    Lorne Greene and Albert Dekker stand out in this Bonanza story.
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    • Author: Ballazan
    Excellent whodunit as Hoss is accused of first degree murder. Albert Dekker in a tour- DE- force performance defends Hoss . Excellently written and directed. Dekker the town barrister and drunk needs to win a case to validate his life. The case involves cattle selling and a stranger who may hold the key to life and death. As the drama unfolds the disdain for the town drunk becomes more and more apparent. Hoss contends he was hit from behind by an unknown assailant yet no one seems to know whom it could have been.

    Stars. Loren Greene, Dan Blocker, Albert Dekker, David Canary , John Kennedy Dekker passed away a week before this showing aired.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Lorne Greene Lorne Greene - Ben Cartwright
    Dan Blocker Dan Blocker - Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright
    Michael Landon Michael Landon - Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright
    Albert Dekker Albert Dekker - Barney Sturgess
    David Canary David Canary - Candy Canaday
    Douglas Kennedy Douglas Kennedy - Sheriff Sam Purcell
    Harlan Warde Harlan Warde - Nate Ogleby
    Alan Baxter Alan Baxter - Becker
    Robert Sorrells Robert Sorrells - Ferguson
    Charles Irving Charles Irving - Judge
    Jon Lormer Jon Lormer - Winter
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