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Chronicles the life of famous doctor (fictional) through a series of flashbacks, as he is travelling to his native place after decades where it all began in extremely modest circumstances.

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    • Author: Fegelv
    The problem with Marathi films is they do not get the enough media publicity and the people who watch them in a theatre are really selected few. Movies like Saat chya aat Gharat, Vaastu Purush, Dombivli Fast and Shwaas (nominated for Oscar) should be given more publicity both by the government and producers.

    Vaastupurush - Vaastu I guess means home and purush means man. Vaastu purush necessarily is the Guardian of the house. Vaastu shastra is science similar to its Chinese counter part Feng Shui.

    This film is about 5 generations (almost). Though it majorly revolves around three main characters 1)Aai meaning mother played par excellence by Uttara Baokar. 2)Young Bhaskar portrayed brilliantly by Siddharth Daftardar. 3)Krishna Tai played beautifully by Renuka Daftardar. Sadashiv Amroapurkar as Vadil meaning father played again very brilliantly. He portrays a man of ethics, a freedom fighter with Gandhian thought with extra-ordinary lustre.

    The film revolves around a family settled in rural village in Maharashtra post independence. The earnings of the family are meagre. The village does not have any doctor. The mothers only dream of life that Bhaskar become a doctor and bless the entire ancestors by helping the poor. The father refuses to use his influence to the then minister as it is against his ethics. He feels that his child should get admission based on merit. Bhaskar's elder brother Nishi (Atul Kulkarni) was in love with Krishna but father has opposed that since the girl is not from his caste. Present day Bhaskar's son (Tushar Dalvi) has married an American doctor. Bhaskars uncle Ravindra Mankani(Kaka), a widower, wants to dig his own house because he believes that his ancestors have kept family fortune there. This entire family is under the maternal care of Aai who also looks after Vadil's foster mother.

    These intricacies have been so beautifully intervowen by the director duo Bhave/Sukhtankar that the movie never leaves you confused or out of occasion. You feel you have watched a good movie for a very long time. This director duo has also directed another beautiful movie called doghi. Watch that one for Sonali Kulkarni. I honestly feel a gross injustice that has been done to film is it did not get enough publicity and critic attention. Watch it once you will recommend it to every one
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    • Author: Xaluenk
    This is the BEST movie i ever seen.. Sunita Bhave and Sunil sukathankar created masterpiece. A must watch..

    Performances by all are fabulous.. specially Uttara Baokar and Renuka Daftardaar...

    This film deserved National Award for best movie, best actress and best supporting actress .. but it didn't...

    Now m expecting that more and more people will watch this and appreciate this classic
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    • Author: Cordann
    This movie is the epitome of direction. I have never been moved by any movie as this. Would have got Oscar if nominated. If you are someone hailing from rural part of India you can relate to it. It depicts struggles of typical rural brahmin family having aspiring doctor in it.Highly recommended for someone who likes classics.
  • Credited cast:
    Sadashiv Amrapurkar Sadashiv Amrapurkar - Vadil
    Uttara Baokar Uttara Baokar - Aai
    Siddharth Daftardar Siddharth Daftardar - Bhsakar - Young
    Mahesh Elkunchwar Mahesh Elkunchwar - Dr. Bhaskar - Grown up
    Atul Kulkarni Atul Kulkarni - Data
    Ravindra Mankani Ravindra Mankani - Kaka
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