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A thief expert with blowtorch is hired by a group of the Russian mob for a bank assault.
Víctor is a thief who is contacted by members of the Russian mob for a robbery. Intriguished about it and receiving the usual visits of Helena, a girl who works as stripper and prostitute for the mob, Víctor distrusts about his new friends and the plan to steal the bank. In a meeting with them, Víctor realizes that the target is the Banco de Crédito Suizo (Swiss Credit Bank), and the amount is about 30,000,000 euros, guarded in the safe-box. But the plan complicates after to know the driver for the robbery, Rápido, a junkie who knows the true about Víctor. Just when both match together the mobsters, an especial operative of Interpol kill the mobsters and arrest Víctor, who previously let escape Rápido. During the interrogatory, a lieutenant from Spanish Policía Nacional appears to reveal that Víctor was really working as undercover cop in order to investigate and arrest Russian mob top. With the cover-up terminated, Víctor faces an Internal Affairs investigation by an assassination ...

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In the right side of the neck, under the ear, Rápido (Javier Gutiérrez) has a tattoo with the shape of a cross. It's a replica of the Cruz de la Victoria (Victory Cross), the main symbol on the Principality of Asturias' flag, but two letters of the Cross (Greek Alpha's capital letter and Omega's small letter) are missing. Gutiérrez is born on Luanco, Principality of Asturias.

The bank hall in the film is the old Banco Central hall in its main Alcalá, 49 Madrid branch, now Instituto Cervantes.

The BCS bank building is located in Bilbao, at the junction of Ibáñez de Bilbao and Alameda Mazarredo streets. Police cars shots were filmed in the surroundings of this locations, as for the Abando train station, a few blocks away.

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    • Author: Xor
    Or maybe not. But this is a spanish thriller and you can expect it to have quite some twists and turns. Especially if you haven't read anything about the plot or descriptions of others, who may describe certain things and characters. But I won't dwell on that, just in case you want to experience the movie and its story like I did.

    If not you obviously have read up on things. And while this may not be the best thriller to come out of Spain, it still is quite nice. The acting and stunts are really good, the suspense is good enough. But you have to stick with it at times. Also be aware that there is some nudity in it. Also moral issues should not matter - see our lead. Might not be the most likeable and surely has his flaws ...
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Alain Hernández Alain Hernández - Víctor
    Javier Gutiérrez Javier Gutiérrez - Rápido
    Alba Galocha Alba Galocha - Helena
    Itziar Atienza Itziar Atienza - Marta
    Luis Tosar Luis Tosar - Teniente
    Florin Opritescu Florin Opritescu - Damir
    Jaroslaw Bielski Jaroslaw Bielski - Nikolay
    Peter Nikolas Peter Nikolas - Luka
    Miquel García Borda Miquel García Borda - Oficial Asuntos Internos
    Abel Mora Abel Mora - Agente 2
    José Manuel Yebes José Manuel Yebes - Conductor furgón (as José Yebes)
    Ales Furundarena Ales Furundarena - Director banco
    Daniel Martos Daniel Martos - Interventor banco
    Tomás del Estal Tomás del Estal - Negociador
    César Vea César Vea - Jefe operaciones
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