» » Atomic Betty Betty and the Beast/Mirror of Morganna (2004–2010)

Short summary

Betty and the Beast: An alien creature finds its way into Moosejaw Lake, and the town goes crazy trying to get a look at their very own lake monster: "Moosie"./Mirror of Morgana: An evil witch uses a powerful mirror to trap the townspeople and unleash their mirror opposites. It's up to Betty and Good Witch Penelope to save Moosejaw Heights./Ending Sketch: Sparky and Minimus: Moosejaw Undercover: Diffuse it! - Sparky and Minimus are at Betty's house, appearing at first glance to disarm an explosive device. However, when Betty enters, she is shocked by their actual work of giving Betty's mother a "Moose Jaw Undercover Makeover".

Episode credited cast:
Julie Lemieux Julie Lemieux - Morganna
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