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When a couple checks into a sleazy motel to make their very first sex tape, it goes terribly awry... or does it?
A couple has checked into a nondescript hotel, video camera in hand, to make their very first sex tape. He starts shooting; the camera is date stamped January 3, 2003, at 3:23 in the afternoon. He's excited, he gets the lens cap off, but soon he seems to be getting more than he bargained for. She turns out to be pretty accomplished at this, an argument ensues, and the camera may be recording something completely different from what was planned.

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    • Author: Steel_Blade
    This short film stars one of "The Bachelor"s and a supposedly legitimate actress. They go to a hotel with a camcorder and apparently the idea of making a homemade porno. Instead, they spend their time arguing and acting stupid. The next time someone wants to waste $5,000 making brainless junk like this, I wish they would just save themselves the trouble and send me the money. 1/10
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    • Author: Urtte
    Elaine Hendrix is surprisingly spectacular and sexy in this short film about a couple making their first sex tape. When things start to go horribly wrong right from the beginning, a whirlwind of insults continue to the surprise ending that will leave you with a smile.
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    • Author: Cointrius
    What can I say about this film? I loved it. I had no idea what I was getting into. I was very excited and curious about a film with such a bold title. I have seen Elaine before but never in a film like this....should i even say...porno! This film was a fun, ingenious, refreshing, original and shrewd. Elaine Hendrix was amazing. Everything seemed to fit together perfectly. I loved that you never really knew what direction the film was going in, even from the very beginning. It really was an adventure. The acting was brilliant and it was a nice change of pace from everything in Hollywood that I've seen until this point. This film also brought an uncomfortable, yet very familiar situation to the table. I can't tell you about it though, you have to see the film for yourself! There were points in the film that i thought were real and that gave this film yet another redeeming quality. The camera work and choreography were great. Bravo. How can you not give this film a 10?!
  • Credited cast:
    Elaine Hendrix Elaine Hendrix - Woman
    Alex Michel Alex Michel - Man
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