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Jack affronts guest Connie Francis by claiming comedy is hard, but singing easy, then sics his apprentice announcer Harlow Wilson, a devoted fan of pop singer Connie, on her. The cast lampoons "The Beverly Hillbillies" in a musical sketch with Connie as Jack's wife, and Harlow in the Jethro role.

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    • Author: Goldendragon
    Onstage speaking to the audience, Jack Benny welcomes singer Connie Francis back to the program. Appearing with extremely tall hair, she is enthusiastically received. When Jack claims comedy is more difficult than singing, Connie successfully tells a joke. Then, she challenges Jack to sing a song. Connie amusingly refers to Jack as "Ringo" as he delivers a weakly sung version of "Fly Me to the Moon". Then, Connie sings an Al Jolson medley called "I Was Born Too Late" (this is not her more famous Jolson medley). The show transitions into a long musical comedy sketch with Jack and Connie as hillbillies "Lem and Em Skinner". It begins well, but gets stale. There isn't much resemblance to the then popular "The Beverly Hillbillies" TV series.

    ***** Hillbilly Sketch (10/30/64) Norman Abbott ~ Jack Benny, Connie Francis, Don Wilson, Dale White
  • Episode cast overview:
    Jack Benny Jack Benny - Jack Benny / Lem Skinner
    Don Wilson Don Wilson - Don Wilson / Shem Skinner
    Connie Francis Connie Francis - Herself / Em Skinner
    Dale White Dale White - Harlow Wilson / Clem Skinner
    Sammy Weiss Sammy Weiss - The Drummer
    Herbie Faye Herbie Faye - The Man
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