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Shirley Withers is tried for the murder of her boyfriend, Australian millionaire Peter Shellard, and for later attempting to hire a hitman to murder her two accomplices.

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    • Author: Alien
    This episode begins with a hysterical woman calling 911 in Melbourne, Australia, to report a man dead. The dead man is a very unpopular millionaire named Peter Skellhard and the 911 caller is his girlfriend Shirley Withers.

    Skellard, who into kinky sex, classic cars, real estate and other things, is found tied up as if he was in some bizarre bondage-type situation. Did he accidentally kill himself while attempting to heighten his pleasures or was he murdered? At first, it's discovered he was knocked on the head with a blunt instrument several times to where that might have killed him and then tied up afterward and then have drugs inserted into this body to make it look like drugs were involved. (Exactly what drugs and how they were put into his boy, you'll have to see. One of them is really weird.)

    I can't into too much about the suspects (there are a number of them) and police findings because it may give away the ending, but look and listen carefully early on and you'll be able to guess who killed the man. The "why" part isn't answered until near the end of the show.

    Overall, in another example of how evil and devious the human mind can be, host Dominick Dunne has come up with another fascinating case. As usual, Mr. Dunne adds a few comments of his own and they had humor to the otherwise-sick and sordid story.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Len Cariou Len Cariou - Narrator
    Dominick Dunne Dominick Dunne - Himself - Host
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