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    • Author: Arcanefist
    Kotikatu is the longest running drama series on Finnish television. Its popularity is not based on dead people brought back to life, conspiracies, people cheating each other or any other controversial elements, but it has a realistic and down to earth approach that pleases especially those, who prefer realism. It's not really a soap-opera. It presents the life of a finnish citizen as it is for most.

    The story is centered around Mäkimaa,Luotola and Partanen families and their friends. Mäkimaa's are the upper middle class family and the most stable out of the three fictional families. Family Luotola have always had a lot of dysfunctionality. The father Hannes had an alcohol problem and he's had relationships with several other women during the shows run. Partanen's are the working class family who moved to town to get a fresh start.
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    • Author: Anicasalar
    Too realistic and depressing drama. There's actually nothing interesting in this ordinary piece of garbage. Story tell's about normal people with trivial everyday problems. Things we have already experienced in our life's. I just would like to know WHY? WHY Finnish TV and filmmakers produce so boring stories? They have made few funny films and series, but that's all. It is almost always this minimalist trivial everyday drama. BORING!

    And if you have to do serious drama, you should write more interesting stories. Not just stories for people aged forty five and over. And don't say it's about money. Use your imagination!!!
  • Series cast summary:
    Jukka Puotila Jukka Puotila - Pertti Mäkimaa 485 episodes, 1995-2012
    Lena Meriläinen Lena Meriläinen - Eeva Mäkimaa / - 467 episodes, 1995-2012
    Ville Keskilä Ville Keskilä - Teemu Luotola 460 episodes, 1995-2012
    Anitta Niemi Anitta Niemi - Karin Luotola 441 episodes, 1995-2012
    Misa Nirhamo Misa Nirhamo - Janne Mäkimaa 373 episodes, 1995-2012
    Risto Autio Risto Autio - Hannes Luotola 341 episodes, 1995-2012
    Tiina Rinne Tiina Rinne - Maija Mäkimaa 341 episodes, 1995-2012
    Aake Kalliala Aake Kalliala - Mauri Alho 313 episodes, 1998-2012
    Pirjo Moilanen Pirjo Moilanen - Laura Mäkimaa 264 episodes, 1995-2012
    Inka Kallén Inka Kallén - Mirja Mäkimaa 262 episodes, 1995-2012
    Petteri Jamalainen Petteri Jamalainen - Hessu Pennanen 239 episodes, 1996-2009
    Sulevi Peltola Sulevi Peltola - Onni Partanen 239 episodes, 1999-2012
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