» » Day Break What If He's Not Alone? (2006–2007)

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Hopper discovers a fellow traveler who has some valuable information..

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    • Author: Kulasius
    Is it just me, or was that just a repeat episode of According to Jim and that Lopez show?

    I guess people don't watch the show, but could ABC at least air the new episodes online for the people who still like it? ... and not misname episodes? At the beginning of the show it sayd "DAYBREAK" and "go online to watch episodes" i did... it only went up to the episode (6) before today's.

    This is almost as sad as when they canceled Odysey 5... almost, that show was awesome. I remember because it was on at 11pm and this was before I had my Tivo.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Taye Diggs Taye Diggs - Detective Brett Hopper
    Moon Bloodgood Moon Bloodgood - Rita Shelten
    Victoria Pratt Victoria Pratt - Andrea Battle
    Meta Golding Meta Golding - Jennifer Mathis (credit only)
    Ramon Rodriguez Ramon Rodriguez - Damien Ortiz (credit only)
    Adam Baldwin Adam Baldwin - Chad Shelten
    Mitch Pileggi Mitch Pileggi - Detective Spivak
    Ian Anthony Dale Ian Anthony Dale - Detective Christopher Choi
    Michael McGrady Michael McGrady - Buchalter
    Joe Nieves Joe Nieves - Fencik
    Clayton Rohner Clayton Rohner - Jared Pryor
    John Rubinstein John Rubinstein - Barry Colburn
    Brent Jennings Brent Jennings - Lloyd
    Jeff Yagher Jeff Yagher
    Josh Daugherty Josh Daugherty - Preisser
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