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To give voice to the ballerina, three women from North Carolina Dance Theatre open up about their careers and life choices.

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    • Author: Flas
    This film is a rare look at the honest life of a dancer. Too many documentaries and films don't capture the reality of what it is like to have a career in dance. The dancers are top notch, and Chelsea Wayant does an amazing job of filming the dancing. You get the best of both worlds - the inside scoop and some great footage of dancers in their natural habitat. What is also important, is that as a documentary, the only voices we hear are theirs. You are not invaded by a narrator interpreting the events, the dancers speak for themselves. This is an important film for female empowerment in ballet.
  • Credited cast:
    Melissa Anduiza Melissa Anduiza - Herself
    Alessandra Ball Alessandra Ball - Herself
    Traci Gilchrest Traci Gilchrest - Herself
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