» » Galaxy Park Episode #3.48 (2011– )

Short summary

Finn's Anthra posse catches up with Os now his motorbike is disabled, forces him to hand over the last capsule in exchange for Bo, then locks them up in a barn, but they break out. Freddie remains clueless that the mass 'percussion' on utensils is a cover-up for Stef and Didi to drill underground and find a presumably explosive device which the Anthra planted. Didi clumsily undoes Stef's charming of the parks rating inspector, who admitted being that and hinted at a good score for Galaxy Park.

Episode credited cast:
Nicolas Caeyers Nicolas Caeyers - Stef
Immanuel Lemmens Immanuel Lemmens - Oswald (Os)
Soy Kroon Soy Kroon - Diederik (Didi) Bakker
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jolijn Antonissen Jolijn Antonissen - Iza Sijfer
Lander Depoortere Lander Depoortere - Finn Peeters
Lucas Tavernier Lucas Tavernier - Yarik Maes (credit only)
Stijn Van de Voorde Stijn Van de Voorde
Alex Van Haecke Alex Van Haecke - Freddie Goossens
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