» » Proigrannoe mesto (2018)

Short summary

In this gruesome shocker, a group of teens are haunted by evil forces that's set to claim their lives. When the malevolent spirit escalates its attack and the classmates begin dying in strange and horrible ways, they band together to try and figure out its grand design. A wave of death has been unleashed and death is chasing each of them.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Anna Mikhalkova Anna Mikhalkova - Mariya
Aleksey Dyakin Aleksey Dyakin - Anton
Irina Martynenko Irina Martynenko - Katya
Nikita Elenev Nikita Elenev - Roma
Aleksei Martynov Aleksei Martynov - Yura
Anastasiya Akatova Anastasiya Akatova - Sonya
Sergey Gorodnichiy Sergey Gorodnichiy - Artyom
Valentina Lyapina Valentina Lyapina - Varya
Aram Vardevanyan Aram Vardevanyan - David
Margarita Salionova Margarita Salionova - Margarita
Polina Salionova Polina Salionova - Polina
Yuliya Romashina Yuliya Romashina - Mat Yury
Aleksandr Kulkov Aleksandr Kulkov - Otets Yury
Olga Ozollapinya Olga Ozollapinya - Rukovoditel
Dmitriy Gizbrekht Dmitriy Gizbrekht - Uchitel sporta
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