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Short summary

Hells Bells Presents is a feature length romp of cutting edge sketch comedy and live performances of indie musicians. Hells Bells Presents breaks the barriers of typical movie-making.

With the exceptions of Sarah E., Phil Godeck and Eve Windebank, the rest of the main cast were each students at Central Connecticut State University.

The entire movie was shot with one camera.

Sarah E. chose not to give herself credit in the film for writing "Exotica: The Adult Superstore" because it was so closely based on the popular Monty Python "Parrot" sketch.

The poster for the film was inspired by Michael Jackson's 'Off The Wall' album cover.

Credited cast:
Zachariah Delventhal Zachariah Delventhal - Genius #1 (segment: 'Ivy League Idiots') / Security Guard (segment: 'Tokyo') / Bruce Wells (segment: 'Cat Scratch Fever')
Michael DiChello Michael DiChello - Burglar (segment "Tokyo")
Sarah E. DiMeo Sarah E. DiMeo - Lisa (segment "Rear Window") / Beth Darwin (segment "Dan vs. the Cork") / Sister Berthe (segment "The Sound of Music Deleted Scene") / Clerk (segment "Exotica: The Adult Superstore") / Kate Andrews (segment "Cat Scratch Fever") / Herself (as Sarah E.)
Phil Godeck Phil Godeck - Priest (segment "Confessions") / Neighbor (segment "Rear Window") / Dan Burns (segment "Dan vs. the Cork") / Ben Andrews (segment "Cat Scratch Fever")
Jimmie James Jimmie James - Musical Performer / Himself (as Jimmie James & The Electric Shoes)
Amy Lavorgna Amy Lavorgna - Sister Margaretta (segment: 'The Sound of Music Deleted Scene') / Stephanie (segment: 'Tokyo')
Sarah McKiernan Sarah McKiernan - Lee Crawford (segment "Dan vs. the Cork") / Hope Andrews (segment "Cat Scratch Fever")
Roger Negron Roger Negron - Thief #1 / Mark (segment: 'Ivy League Idiots') (segment: 'Tokyo')
Doug Oliphant Doug Oliphant - Man in Confessional (segment "Confessions") / Genius #2 (segment "Ivy League Idiots")
Bek Phillips Bek Phillips - Musical Performer / Herself (as Bek Phillips & Addiction of the Day)
Ed Reyes III Ed Reyes III - Jeff (segment "Rear Window") / Ryan (segment "Dan vs. the Cork") / Thief #2 (segment "Ivy League Idiots") / Creepy Guy (segment "Exotica: The Adult Superstore") / Tom Lewis (segment "Cat Scratch Fever") / Himself
Eve Windebank Eve Windebank - Miss Praline (segment: 'Exotica: The Adult Superstore')
Kurt J. Zendzian Kurt J. Zendzian - Himself
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