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A tale about life and the forces that affect it. This drama revolves around three different yet very similar stories. Walter Horton is a man trying to come to grips with the loss of his multi-million dollar corporation. His downward spiral takes him through various parts of Long Island City where he encounters a variety of New York inhabitants. These encounters make up the three story arc. What seems unrelated and trivial at first becomes intricately involved as all three stories collide.

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    • Author: Shalizel
    This movie really makes you think about life and the forces that influence it. Its amazing how a decision by one person that seems insignificant to the masses can change the lives of others forever. The photographer and the setting was well chosen as it set the tone for the movie. The best thing about it was it left you thinking about it at the end. Whathappened to that guy, Is the girl going to feel guilty and how is it going to effect her life? A great movie for a date to entice stimulating conversations. It left you food for thought

    Kevin Hall is a brilliant up and coming director/producer who should make a name for himself very soon.. excellent movie
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    • Author: Cargahibe
    Not knowing what to expect (short movies are usually ... well, questionable at best)I was recently at HD Fest in NY and lucky stumbled into a short program I'll never forget. I was amazed at the high level of quality. From story to the cinematic value, Blur is a winner. I was sucked in from the beginning and never let go! To have many deep layers in a short story is a salute to the filmmakers. The talent was impressive, Delivering stand out performances only to enhance the overall experience. If your looking for a movie to keep you thinking long after you see it, do yourself a favor and see BLUR.
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    • Author: GAMER
    I saw this film at the High Definition fest in New York and went again looking for it at the Long Island International Film Expo. I really think this is a great piece of work. Its blend of cutting age technology and great cinematographic technique are combined harmonically in a explosive and provocative whole. The work of Kevin Hall and his crue of refreshingly different, good-looking, actors achieve putting across a wide and vivid experiential sensation most commonly associated with full features. The film is thought provoking without overstating the subtleties to be picked up by the attentive, engaged audience and rewards them with hidden surprises and expectational dis-linearities.... What the film lacks in size it makes up rich scene changes and multiple layers of parallel evocations...I recommend it to all
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Adonis Kapsalis Adonis Kapsalis - Running Man
    Chris Federhofer Chris Federhofer - Walter
    Jordan Meadows Jordan Meadows - Charles
    John-Dylan Howard John-Dylan Howard - Joe
    Krie Alden Krie Alden - Melissa
    Compton Chester Compton Chester - Tattered Pursuer
    Jessica Dubarry Jessica Dubarry - Bartender
    Kristen Leigh Patti Kristen Leigh Patti - News Reporter
    Alec Tomkiw Alec Tomkiw - Police Officer
    Ron Brienes Ron Brienes - Sports Announcer
    Antonio Suarez Antonio Suarez - Restaurant Employee
    Kevin Michael Hall Kevin Michael Hall - Homeless man
    Steve Tichenor Steve Tichenor - Radio DJ
    Peter Blas Peter Blas - Man Playing Pool
    Maria Ramsey Maria Ramsey - Woman playing pool
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