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A charge of attempted murder spurs Caine to invade the lair of vicious killers and kidnap the only man who can clear him.

Cal Bellini's 'Hoskay' is an Apache, while Robert Phillips' 'Mutala' is a Navajo.

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    • Author: Zicelik
    Season 3 Episode 5- A gang of scalphunters encounter Caine in their search for Hoskay (Cal Bellini), an Apache. Satisfied that Caine knows nothing, they return to their leader, Rafe (Anthony Zerbe), and his Navajo guide, Mutala (Robert Phillips), who carries a vengeful hatred for Apaches. Hoskay hates all white men, vowing to kill them all to avenge his brother's death, and cannot believe that Caine, whom he now regards as his brother, is also a white man. Caine has just left a town where he was falsely accused of killing the sheriff, and seeks Rafe to return with him because he saw the real murderer, the man who pays him to deliver Apache scalps. After a scuffle with the powerful Mutala, Caine makes off with Rafe, and forces Hoskay to promise not to kill him during their journey out of the valley, with Rafe's men close behind. Anthony Zerbe had previously appeared in "The Hoots," but is cast here in a more sinister light, a man who refuses to honor his word. Singapore-born Cal Bellini was best remembered for his Indian role opposite Dustin Hoffman in 1970's "Little Big Man." Next up- "The Vanishing Image"
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    David Carradine David Carradine - Kwai Chang Caine
    Anthony Zerbe Anthony Zerbe - Rafe
    Cal Bellini Cal Bellini - Hoskay
    George DiCenzo George DiCenzo - Jess (as George Di Cenzo)
    Keye Luke Keye Luke - Master Po
    Philip Ahn Philip Ahn - Master Kan (as Phillip Ahn)
    Radames Pera Radames Pera - Young Caine
    Robert Phillips Robert Phillips - Mutala
    Robert Sorrells Robert Sorrells - Scalper
    Frank Michael Liu Frank Michael Liu - Teh-Soong
    Richard Narita Richard Narita - Disciple
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