» » Chernobyl: Zona otchuzhdeniya The Hunting/Phantoms (2014– )

Chernobyl: Zona otchuzhdeniya The Hunting/Phantoms (2014– ) watch online HD

Chernobyl: Zona otchuzhdeniya The Hunting/Phantoms (2014– ) watch online HD
  • Original title:The Hunting/Phantoms
  • Category:TV Episode / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi
  • Released:2014–
  • Director:Anders Banke
  • Actors:Kristina Kazinskaya,Anvar Khalilulaev,Sergey Romanovich
  • Writer:Ilya Kulikov,Evgeniy Nikishov
  • Duration:48min
  • Video type:TV Episode

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Short summary

Having woken up in the morning, friends understand that Anya disappeared. Going to find her, they stumble upon a gang of armed mentally ill hunters who brought them back to Pripyat and definitely going to hunt not for animals. Meanwhile, terrible things begin to happen in Pripyat. Exact copies of people (phantoms), through which they communicate with lost Pripyat travelers, begin to drive friends from the mind, appearing out of nowhere and trying to get them into a death trap.

Episode cast overview:
Kristina Kazinskaya Kristina Kazinskaya - Anya
Anvar Khalilulaev Anvar Khalilulaev - Gosha
Sergey Romanovich Sergey Romanovich - Lyosha
Valeriya Dmitrieva Valeriya Dmitrieva - Nastya
Konstantin Davydov Konstantin Davydov - Pasha
Ilya Sherbinin Ilya Sherbinin - Podcaster (credit only)
Evgeniy Stychkin Evgeniy Stychkin - Kostenko
Aleksandr Fisenko Aleksandr Fisenko - Maks
Aleksandr Vasilevskiy Aleksandr Vasilevskiy - Bogdan
Mikhail Kuryaev Mikhail Kuryaev - Garik
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