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After a failed marriage, Richard is in search of his daughter Mindy. He meets Sasha, an aspiring actress who promises to help him. But the hope to get some quick cash by performing in a 24 hours play soon turns out to be a bloody game.
After a failed marriage, Richard is in search of his daughter Mindy. He meets Sasha, an aspiring actress who promises to help him. But the hope to get some quick cash by performing in a 24 hours play soon turns out to be a bloody game.

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    • Author: Bele
    The movie starts off with some nice camera angles and gives a rather professional impression, until you get to the first meaningful scenes. The acting is rather amateuristic and you doesn't pull you into the movie. Instead, you start questioning the somewhat forced/unnatural reactions the characters show. I do not get the rather high 6/10 rating here, which made me gave this movie a chance, unfortunately.
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    • Author: Hadadel
    This film is mostly meaningless. A contrived storyline, poor acting and an extremely annoying and unsuitable soundtrack add up to one of the worst films I've ever forced myself to sit through. If you like Kraftwerk you might give this two stars.
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    • Author: Cordabor
    This really is an awful film. Pick any aspect of film making and this is BAD.

    Acting? What acting!!

    To be fair, and the reason I gave this film a star, is because Kateryna Korchynska does try to make the best of a bad job. Obviously the directing was atrocious, and her 'co-star' (David White) is one of the worst 'actors' I have seen in a long time,

    On a different environment with professionals she might make a good actress in time. But this movie certainly doesn't do anything for her career.

    The camerawork was fairly acceptable, there was no thought given to any artistic aspect of the film, such as lighting - or continuity for that matter - and the sound (in the bits that needed some thought and effort) was absolutely atrocious.

    As for the editing - I think someone must just have taken whatever they were given and tacked it on to the end of whatever they had done so far.

    The trouble with a film like this is there isn't even any comic relief - something to laugh at until your sides burst. It is mediocrity done very badly.

    How on earth this movie could have attained three stars let alone five is beyond my comprehension. I think there has been a bit of dodgy voting going on by families and friends.

    A terribly made affront to film - avoid.
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    • Author: RuTGamer
    What can i say it's not the best movie but it's not bad!
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    • Author: Fountain_tenderness
    As i write this the film gets a 6.9 rating. It sucks. Biggly. Inferior writing, directing and acting. Oh, and stoopid music. Please stay away
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    • Author: Lestony
    I had to double-check for this movie, excellent, very charismatic.
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    • Author: Lanionge
    LoL .. I actually had lulz watching this, and it wasn't intentionally funny, it was fun y because some of it was bad, very bad.. But in a watchable way. There was a even a few moments of tension intertwined inbetween the comically out of place music score, seriously amateur acting and the lack of brutality (which could have lifted this movie). Anyways, not unwatchable for a low budget flicks and has a lots you can chuckle about.
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    • Author: Snake Rocking
    DIE IN ONE DAY is a boring indie thriller from Italy. I only bothered watching it because the online cover makes it look like a PURGE rip-off but in fact it's nothing like. An estranged father takes part in a deadly game in order to raise cash to see his daughter again, but this merely consists of dull characters travelling around a lot. A real film it isn't.
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    • Author: Yozshujinn
    Highly recommended. I wasn't too keen on it at first after my brother kept telling me to watch it.
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    • Author: Arashitilar
    Richard (David White) needs money for a lawyer to get back his daughter (Lisa Marie Picciolo) from his trailer-trash wife (Cinzia Susino). He meets Sasha (Kateryna Korchynska) who desperately needs money for acting lessons. They get caught up in a locked warehouse being hunted for a dark web betting game. Killers wear masks. They need to survive for the $100,000 Euro prize.

    They are attempting to turn this into some kind of sequel films like "The Saw" or "The Purge". It wasn't that good. They want to build the tale around Kateryna Korchynska who couldn't deliver one line in the film. There was a "touching" scene where she was supposed to bring the film together with a backstory and it was bad. The killer characters should have been better. They lacked dialogue. They also killed off the eye candy too early.

    Guide: f-word. No sex or nudity.
  • Credited cast:
    Kateryna Korchynska Kateryna Korchynska - Sasha
    David White David White - Richard
    Mirko D'Antona Mirko D'Antona - Vinnie
    Cinzia Susino Cinzia Susino - Paige
    Biagio Sampietro Biagio Sampietro - Director
    Daniela Ladisi Daniela Ladisi - Debbie
    Lisa Marie Picciolo Lisa Marie Picciolo - Mindy
    Dario Grassi Dario Grassi - Kurt
    Vincenzo Intermite Vincenzo Intermite - Scarecrow Mask
    Giuseppe Leo Giuseppe Leo - Player of the Previous Edition
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Eros D'Antona Eros D'Antona - French Contact
    Roberto D'Antona Roberto D'Antona - Director (voice)
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