» » It Girl (2015)

Short summary

This short film takes place in Malibu. We learn about the life of Kristina de la Roche, a rich aristocrat who just moved to California from Europe. Later, we see that she is taking part in new reality TV show and her producer is the biggest shot in Hollywood. He explains how reality TV is made and who really runs the business in town. The ending has a exciting twist and unexpected reality check.

Cast overview:
Dila Andersen Dila Andersen - Kristina de la Roche
Collin Lee Ellis Collin Lee Ellis - Alexander Williams
Jayme Newbold Jayme Newbold - The Manager
Aurelien Viricel Aurelien Viricel - The Director
Nadirah Volpe Nadirah Volpe - The Makeup artist
Caleb Wagner Caleb Wagner - The Photographer
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