» » The R.I.P. Files Echoes of War (2012– )

Short summary

The girls make contact with the flirtatious Private Michael Bowman in, where else?, the Michael Bowman Room at The Graffiti House. Michael, a former Civil War soldier, touches Lisa's hair and tries to communicate with us through the KII meter. Malinka brings through surprising information with her pendulum, while Mark hears ghostly footsteps. In a new experiment, Lisa is isolated in the psychomanteum but radio frequency breakthrough interference affects the results.

Episode credited cast:
Malinka Franklin Malinka Franklin - Investigator
Rene Garcia Rene Garcia - Investigator / Para-Forensics Specialist
Mark Higgins Mark Higgins - Investigator
Lisa Linden Lisa Linden - Co-Founder and EVP Specialist
Jim Marin Jim Marin - Scientist
Patricia Marin Patricia Marin - President and Founder
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