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    • Author: Vojar
    Peter Greenaway gets a new dimension for his already multi layered visual style which is very appropriate that you will want Tulsa Luper Cases in 3d version. This time though only wandering around a historical place with many information floating free of time, that you would not get this powerful experience with a real visit to there in real 3D world.

    Edgar Pêra sees this new 3D hype as the first days of cinema where people were afraid of the train coming on them, and accepts that people as true believers of cinema.

    Godard talks about when everything gets 1 dimensional, collapsed in a Hiroshima Mon Amour style, and underlines that you can never fully translate real life to cinema.
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    • Author: Mallador
    Earlier I watched many movies of JP Greenaway, some films of Jean-Luc Godard and not watched Edgar Pêra movies at all. I was watching a 3x3D movie on Kyiv Molodist festival - I was interested to see how the maitres can work with new 3D technologies. I am proposing to evaluate each parts of movie separately: JP Greenaway, shot a postcard with vignette, rating 6 for past achievements, we have seen nothing new - for example "A TV Dante" (1989)film - "A dazzling and inventive piece of video-image eye-stitching use of television" according to The Guardian. Edgar Pêra, shot a student skit, rating 4, funny, dizzy from the 3D effects. Jean-Luc Godard, shot nothing, rating -1(negative), used to be a great master, the expectations was to high. Average rating 3=(6+4-1)/3.
  • Credited cast:
    Tiago Correia Tiago Correia
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Carolina Amaral Carolina Amaral
    Keith Davis Keith Davis - Crawford Lovekraft (segment "Cinesapiens")
    Leonor Keil Leonor Keil - (segment "Cinesapiens")
    Ângela Marques Ângela Marques - (segment "Cinesapiens")
    Nuno Melo Nuno Melo - Arnaldo Zeus (segment "Cinesapiens")
    Miguel Monteiro Miguel Monteiro - Gil Vicente, Pope John XXI, Bishop Barbosa, The Wineman (segment "Just in Time")
    Jorge Prendas Jorge Prendas - Alfredo Nyarlathotep (segment "Cinesapiens")
    Henrique Pêra Henrique Pêra - Kryptoceluloid
    Pedro J. Ribeiro Pedro J. Ribeiro - (segment "Cinesapiens")
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