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The owner of a small town bait shop signs up for a fishing tournament in hopes of using the prize money to save his shop from foreclosure.
Paradise Lake, near Kissimmee, Florida, is hosting a Professional Bass Association contest. Local bait-shop owner and former amateur champ, Bill Dugan, is in deep trouble: the bank wants $15,000 for the shop's mortgage, he doesn't tell his wife who's angry when she finds out, and his wealthy blow-hard father-in-law wants Bill to work for him. The tournament favorite is Hot Rod Johnson, a crowd-pleaser and ESPN darling who'll do anything to win. Bill's son Scott thinks Hot Rod is cool, Hot Rod opens a huge store close to Bill's, his ne'er-do-well pals are ready to desert him, and Bill may lose it all. His one hope is to enter the contest and win the prize. Time to fish or cut bait.

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The bait shop in the movie was located at the Kissimmee, Florida Lake Toho lakefront. Also, Hot Rod's bait shop is actually the County extension office at Osceola Heritage Park.

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    • Author: Direbringer
    Obviously a labor of love, this family movie will appeal to a very limited audience. Definitely not a chick flick, unless your girlfriend or spouse is into fishing. I suppose fishermen, and anybody who tolerates goofy characters doing stupid things, might find it bearable. The actors are definitely limited by the overly simplistic script. Richard Riehle, and Harve Presnell are welcome additions to the supporting cast. In fact, Harve Presnell's character is not unlike the abrasive Fatherinlaw he played to perfection in "Fargo". "Bait Shop" is an effective time waster, if you happen to be in the mood for mindless entertainment. - MERK
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    • Author: Maridor
    First off I will say that I like The Bill Engvall Show, and I'm a fan of Billy Ray Cyrus, so all bias aside this was one silly movie. Goofy characters, goofy premise but all in all a decent family movie. Engvall is funny as a down on his luck southerner with a passion for fishing, Cyrus is everything Bill wants to be. The two of them (and supporting cast) are really funny with some stock characters thrown in there just to be sure we get the point. Good TV movie, great for fans who enjoy simple entertainment every so often, and good for those who enjoy down home Bill and Billy.

    "Frankly my darn, i don't give a dear."
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    • Author: Nnulam
    Shift into neutral and relax. Blue collar comic Bill Engvall plays Bill, a small bait shop owner about to lose his life-long dream to foreclosure. One way to round up the dough to keep his bait store open is to enter the big bass fishing tournament. Of course, having the worst looking boat on the lake isn't enough to stop him; going up against his business competitor Hot Rod Johnson(Billy Ray Cyrus) brings about an all-out fishing war. Its the good old boy against the flashy ego driven fishing champ. There are some knee-slapping belly-laughs, but not award winning memorable. Also in the cast: Billy Joe Shaver, Mary Rachel Dudley, Harve Presnell and Vincent Martella.
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    • Author: Keramar
    I was told by a 10 year old girl (the one who sold it to me at the flea market) this was a real good film. This film is to bass fishing what Rocky is to boxing...almost. Bill Dugan (Bill Engvall) owns a bait shop on a lake. He has a cast of regulars in the shop which reminded my of the scenes by the fence in "King of the Hill" which include one man (Rus Blackwell) into conspiracy theories. Bill has a wonderful wife (Mary Rachel Dudley), a son (Vincent Martella) who needs some adjusting, a father-in-law (Harve Presnell) who is wealthy, and unfortunately a balloon payment on his shop.

    To make matters worse the flashy bass fisherman, Hot Rod Johnson (Billy Ray Cyrus) has opened a fish emporium store next to Bill's Bait Shop. Bill enters the local fishing tournament were the prize is $50,000 in order to save his shop. Bill uses his old fashion fishing methods, while Hot Rod uses the latest high tech fish finders.

    The comedy was simple. The story ignores the fact of any zoning discussions, or how one must legally land a fish in a tournament. While the movie creates characters, most of them were caricatures.

    A fairly good film for family night. Only very slight innuendos, such as when Bill and his wife wake up, he places his arm around her and she says, "No." Girls in bikinis.
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    • Author: Morad
    It's like all the comedians that Bill knew refused to write any good material for the movie. Bad or no jokes. Two dimensional characters. Predictable plot line. At least Billy Ray Cyrus is despicable despite his acting.

    The only thing that saves this movie was that it wasn't filmed with an 8mm camera. ESPN and Bassmasters should be embarrassed.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Bill Engvall Bill Engvall - Bill Dugan
    Jim R. Coleman Jim R. Coleman - Announcer (as Jim Coleman)
    Mary Rachel Quinn Mary Rachel Quinn - Laura Dugan (as Mary Rachel Dudley)
    Wilbur Houston Wilbur Houston - Melvin
    Richard Riehle Richard Riehle - Gus
    Maureen Preuss Maureen Preuss - Betty
    Christopher Schmidt Christopher Schmidt - Odd Job
    Rus Blackwell Rus Blackwell - Dale
    David Mackey David Mackey - Roy
    Billy Ray Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus - Hot Rod Johnson
    Vincent Martella Vincent Martella - Scott
    Harve Presnell Harve Presnell - Jack
    Billy Joe Shaver Billy Joe Shaver - Buddy
    Tim Powell Tim Powell - Donnie Rains
    David Neil Enfinger David Neil Enfinger - Cuckholded man (as Neil Enfinger)
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