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A selfish career woman thinks her million will allow her to marry a dedicated young doctor whose attention she has cynically accepted and whose work she has disrespected.

Dr. Michael Wells (DeForest Kelley) rejects his fiancé's plans for his career, saying "I'm a doctor, not a politician!" This foreshadows a repeated pattern that Kelley would use as Dr. McCoy in "Star Trek", frequently asserting "I'm a doctor, not a nk]!"

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    • Author: GawelleN
    The television show "The Millionaire" has an interesting premise. Each week a random citizen was chosen to receive a million dollars, sort of like Publisher's Clearing House without actually entering the sweepstakes. Each week the story story revolved around how the sudden wealth affected the life of the person who was chosen to receive the sudden largess. This episode is available for viewing on You Tube. Pretty standard fare, about two sisters, one a homebody and one a money grubber who only wants to paint the town. The main reason I decided to comment on this show is the cast listing has the roles reversed. Virginia Grey's character is actually Iris Millar, and Olive Sturgiss plays Midge Millar. It is pretty self evident, because in the 50's Midge was considered a young girl's name while Iris was more of a mature woman's name. I have always liked Marvin Miller. That marvelous voice. I remember him from numerous radio appearances. DeForrest Kelly is also in this episode. He plays a dedicated doctor. All in all this is a pretty good episode, I give it 7 out of 10 stars.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Marvin Miller Marvin Miller - Michael Anthony
    Virginia Grey Virginia Grey - Iris Millar
    DeForest Kelley DeForest Kelley - Dr. Michael Wells
    Olive Sturgess Olive Sturgess - Midge Millar
    Gilmore Bush Gilmore Bush - Marty Modena
    Carlyle Mitchell Carlyle Mitchell - Dr. Clayton
    Jean Vander Pyl Jean Vander Pyl - Guest
    Eric Wilton Eric Wilton - Butler
    Diane Brewster Diane Brewster - Operator
    Paul Frees Paul Frees - John Beresford Tipton (voice)
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