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Freaktown is the place where it is cool to be a ghoul and best friends Ben Bones and Lenny aim to keep it that way. But Princes Boo Boo is intent on turning Freaktown into a place so sweet it'll make you barf rainbows.

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    • Author: Fearlesssinger
    My three kids love this show! My boys are 7 and 4 and think this show is the coolest thing ever. I was watching it with them and I even found myself laughing along but I was worried that my 5 year old daughter wouldn't like it because it wasn't a typical children's show for girls, but she's its biggest fan! Her favourite character is Priscilla and now her and her brothers will sit with each other and enjoy a show they all like.

    Really hope they continue this series as it has become their favourite show. Would recommend to anyone with young children! I'm excited to see this show each week and I'm 36! My only complaint is that there are no Freaktown toys that I know of and that's all my kids want.
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    • Author: Malak
    Urgh, this show has no reason to exist. Who even names a show Freaktown. Don't waste your time watching complete garbage. It has a terrible theme song with horrible lyrics and singers, it's horrific.

    The plot is not cleverly written either, it's boring. The bad guys are lame and dumb, the protagonist is a stupid character that makes horrible choices. The creator of this show must have a disorder, he should grow up.

    The creator literally cannot think that kids like these types of shows, I seriously hate this show and it sucks. Cartoon Network keeps adding terrible shows! Super noobs is even worse.

    Not to mention the animation movment, horrible
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    • Author: Moonshaper
    Oh man, whose idea is this anyway? Horrible plot, terrible characters, even the bad guys is just downright disgusting. The show is just full of poop-eating, butt-farting and mouth-puking actions. Lame. I just want Disney XD of Asia to stop airing this. This is just un-original, uncool and unclean show. Jeez.

    And what flies through the producer's head anyway? Bullet?
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    • Author: Meri
    I really damn hate this show. It's so stupid, who ever likes this show is a bit weird. I remember watching it for the first time, not judging it, hoping that it wouldn't be a piece of junk like Uncle Grandpa but it was.

    Don't bother watching this garbage. It's a waste of time. Cartoon Network just cancels the best shows, and lets the bad ones go on. I hope this show dies immediately. Doesn't show on TV. Stays out of my life. And stays out of my sight! People can like the show if they want but they don't know how they're wasting their lives.

    I mean, have you seen the plot of the episodes in this show??
  • Series cast summary:
    Landon Norris Landon Norris - Ben Bones 26 episodes, 2016
    Steph Lynn Robinson Steph Lynn Robinson - Priscilla 26 episodes, 2016
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