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Short summary

In a desolate world Robert tries to find his abducted wife. In the ruins of the city he saves a girl from being raped. Together, they try to find some solace from the crumbling, broken world, shadowed by one the city's brutal gangs.

Ingen manns land was made during the span of two years. January of 2014 was used as a shortened Pre-Production period, while February - June and August - December covered Principal Photography. The Post-Production lastet for eleven full months from January 2015 - December 2015.

One of the main characters in the movie, Sara (portrayed by Malene Pedersen Dale), was attending High School parallel to the entire production.

The recording of the score (composed by Emil K. Børø) experienced many difficulties which would have discontinued the entire movie. The recording equipment was loaned free-of-charge only seven days prior recording. The audio-mixers, Geir Sætre and Audun Havåg, were hired five days before start of recording. Studio A (which was the recording studio) was located next to an air-condition generator, and beneath a Construction Company, which was drilling the floor above. In between the drilling the score was recorded.

Financed mainly by MasterCard and help from private sponsors, not counting private funds (which evaporated quickly).

One of Norway's most famous actors, Helge Jordal, appears in a small role.

The actor portraying Walt was afraid of heights, and had severe problems balancing the ledge during the climax-scene. The sharp and unforgiving boulders beneath didn't help.

In the fight between Theresa, David and Kristoffer, a stray bullet smashes the glass leaning against the wall behind David. What should've been a one-take (there wasn't a second glass), failed miserably, as the actor slipped on the floor while sitting and couldn't gain momentum to throw himself backwards.

True to the theme of the film - the motorcycle died several times on set. The actor portraying Robert did not know how to ride it before shooting began.

A post-apocalyptic news bulletin was shot but never used in the final movie. The man playing news anchor is a real news anchor working for NRK.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Malene Dale Malene Dale - Sara
Jon Lie Jon Lie - David
Jørgen Rusten Nanbjør Jørgen Rusten Nanbjør - Robert
Alv Fossum Alv Fossum - Bastian
Christian Westblikk Christian Westblikk - Kristoffer
Linus C. Helle Linus C. Helle - Ulrik
Kristin Krogh Sissener Kristin Krogh Sissener - Theresa
Hanne Mellingen Hanne Mellingen - Malin
Cozmin Cosma Cozmin Cosma - Walt
Helge Jordal Helge Jordal - Gammel Mann
Halvor Folgerø Halvor Folgerø - Nyhetsanker
Helge Forland Alexander Helge Forland Alexander - Henrik
William Wilson William Wilson - Hans
Kim Kvamme Kim Kvamme - Herander
Francesco de Cuzzani Francesco de Cuzzani - Jonas
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