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Award-winning Grindhouse short about two hillbilly brothers who snort drugs, shoot guns, and freak out in the woods. WARNING: This film contains scenes of nudity, profanity, graphic violence, drug use, mutilation, and fishing. Enjoy.

Won the Golden Chainsaw Award for Best Horror Short at the 2009 Trash Film Festival in Varazdin, Croatia.

Won the award for Best Short at the 2009 Deadfest Film Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The character "Mama" won an award for Best Puppet at the 2010 Dark Carnival Film Festival in Indiana.

Awarded Best Local Short Film of 2008/09 based on an annual poll voted on by readers of The Coast magazine in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

User reviews

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    • Author: Thetath
    When you see a violence-heavy and logic-light film like "Blood Shed", there's only three ways to react to it.

    A) "It's purely exploitative entertainment." B) "It's a satire too high in concept for me to get." C) "It's just a plain bad movie."

    Sadly, "Blood Shed" is neither entertaining nor intelligently artful. Instead, it's just a fifteen-minute hodgepodge of gunshot wounds, decapitations, hideous topless strippers, and geysers of red corn syrup, all haphazardly wrapped in a "it was all just a story" sheet of tissue paper. Drawn-out shots of latex being chainsawed and paint splattering try their worst to cover up the total lack of decent writing or purposeful plot. The only marginally redeeming aspect of this short was a French-speaking puppet version of Norman Bates' mother, but even that got old after her third appearance.
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    • Author: Zulkishicage
    I think this short was excellent and put together incredible well for the extremely limited funds available (lots of people volunteered there time just to make this short).

    Directed by Jason Shipley (1st AD on Hobo with a shotgun) and written by and starring Pierre Huard as Louis. A family 1st kind of guy tries to have fun weekend with his brothers at their cabin in the woods, when things go wrong in the worst way.

    Winner of the Golden Chainsaw Award from Trash Film Festival in Croatia in 2009, "Blood Shed" has to be seen to be believed. Trash Horror fans are in for some fun.
  • Cast overview:
    Pierre Huard Pierre Huard - Louis
    Dennis Poirier Dennis Poirier - Reggie
    Miranda Wilkins Miranda Wilkins - Deelicious
    John Heinstein John Heinstein - Pete
    Justuce Harker Justuce Harker - Young Louis
    Lex Gigeroff Lex Gigeroff - Maman (voice)
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