» » Rote Rosen Wunderschöner Schwan (2006– )

Short summary

Season 14, episode 76. When Sigrid tells Peer that she loves him he reacts as if that is business as usual. She tells Eliane how painful the situation is for her. Ben hears from Peer that he sees Sigrid in a stadium far in front of him. Helen wants to know why he lied to her but Arne avoids the answer by meaning that making Busch's plagiarism public was the right thing to do. She makes him clear that such measures are not done. Sigrid hears from her that she has enough of Arne's selfish tours. He tells Erika about his feeling that Helen seems to be through with him. Swantje hears that Johanna has the key to upper mayor Thomas' room. She visits her and confiscates keys when Johanna turns away to fetch a photo book. Ilona helps Thomas preparing himself for the concert tonight; the Japanese delegation will arrive tomorrow. Swantje is still inside when the city hall closes; she is ready to record a new prank video. Johanna notices that Thomas' keys are gone. Swantje is almost caught by a ...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Patricia Schäfer Patricia Schäfer - Helen Fries
Christian Rudolf Christian Rudolf - Arne Fries
Malin Steffen Malin Steffen - Swantje Fries
Jörg Pintsch Jörg Pintsch - Peer Juncker
Dana Golombek Dana Golombek - Sigrid Claasen
Anja Franke Anja Franke - Merle Vanlohen (credit only)
Brigitte Antonius Brigitte Antonius - Johanna Hofleitner
Madeleine Lierck Madeleine Lierck - Erika Rose (as Madeleine Lierck-Wien)
Claus Dieter Clausnitzer Claus Dieter Clausnitzer - Hannes Lüder (as Claus-Dieter Clausnitzer)
Gerry Hungbauer Gerry Hungbauer - Thomas Jansen
Hermann Toelcke Hermann Toelcke - Gunter Flickenschild (credit only)
Joachim Kretzer Joachim Kretzer - Torben Lichtenhagen
Maria Fuchs Maria Fuchs - Carla Saravakos
Jelena Mitschke Jelena Mitschke - Britta Berger
Hakim-Michael Meziani Hakim-Michael Meziani - Ben Berger
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