» » Addiction: This Is Not a Love Story (2014)

Addiction: This Is Not a Love Story (2014) watch online HD

Addiction: This Is Not a Love Story (2014) watch online HD
  • Original title:Addiction: This Is Not a Love Story
  • Category:Movie / Short / Drama
  • Released:2014
  • Director:Jacopo Manfren,Sabrina Culver
  • Actors:Tamara Goodwin,Sabrina Culver,Mike Breyer
  • Writer:Sabrina Culver
  • Budget:$4,500
  • Duration:23min
  • Video type:Movie

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    • Author: Lahorns Gods
    "Addiction: This is not a love story" is a dark but strong short that deals with a woman's life thrown into indecisive Heaven/Hell as she struggles to maintain a perfect normal and safe life (with a husband and child) and a more secretive, dangerous life with an abusive boyfriend on the side.

    It shows a very accurate, chaotic mind set/point of view of someone who has/is going through an abusive relationship. The phone calls and constant flip flopping, confusion feels natural and believable, as does the danger and intensity of the consequences of sleeping with such a volatile person. The acting is good, the emotions are strong and I admire the ending's authenticity. Some of the acting for the male roles could have been better but overall, this an intense experience that really hits home and hits it hard in a very impacting way.
  • Credited cast:
    Tamara Goodwin Tamara Goodwin - Jaye
    Sabrina Culver Sabrina Culver - Whitney
    Mike Breyer Mike Breyer - Steven
    Lynne Alana Delaney Lynne Alana Delaney - Edie
    Sabrina Machado Sabrina Machado - Maria
    John Michaelson John Michaelson - Brett
    Martin Doordan Martin Doordan - Dalton
    Lynne Newton Lynne Newton - Shanel
    Ruben Roberto Gomez Ruben Roberto Gomez - Dr. . Borge
    Lucy Rayner Lucy Rayner - Sarah
    Davide Durbano Davide Durbano - Stefano
    Leland Karlton Leland Karlton - Freddy
    Eric Jepson Eric Jepson - Jordan
    John Kyle Sutton John Kyle Sutton - Billy
    Michael Alton Lowder Michael Alton Lowder - Mg
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