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Two private investigators are hired by a wealthy contractor to find out who is blackmailing him.
Two private investigators are hired by a wealthy contractor to find out who is blackmailing him.

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    • Author: Shakataxe
    This is the story of a man who gets scammed by a woman pretending to want a sexual tryst with him. The husband comes home and the wife shoots her husband, or so it seems. later on the man is contacted by the woman informing him that her husband is still alive and she needs lots of money to pay the medical bills, after paying over 25,000 dollars to the woman the man becomes suspicious. This is when he contacts the Winters and Mills detective Agency to find these people and keep his name out of it so his wife won't find out. Eventually Rose Winters (Shelley Winters) And Ed Mills set up a perfect trap the swindlers, but, this time the gun is loaded with real bullets, instead of blanks. This adds the real twist to this movie. It's a shame this movie isn't available on video, it's a very good piece of shelley winters history, unfortunately these made for tv movies were usually printed on bad film stock, and usually never transferred to modern video, I own the studios 16mm backup copy, 17 years later the film has already faded to a reddish color. If anyone would like a video of this movie you can order it at WWW.FILMTRANSFER.8M.COM This was a surprisingly good movie in my opinion, maybe you will like it too.
  • Cast overview:
    Shelley Winters Shelley Winters - Rose Winters
    Barry Primus Barry Primus - Ed Mills
    Lonny Chapman Lonny Chapman - Lieutenant John Moore
    Michael Constantine Michael Constantine - Gunther
    Joan Van Ark Joan Van Ark - Nina
    Peggy Walton-Walker Peggy Walton-Walker - Marian
    Paul Mantee Paul Mantee - Troy
    Paul Picerni Paul Picerni - Blass
    Yale Summers Yale Summers - James Mayhew
    Lenore Kasdorf Lenore Kasdorf - Waitress
    Burt Mustin Burt Mustin
    Jennifer Rhodes Jennifer Rhodes
    Mary Charlotte Wilcox Mary Charlotte Wilcox
    Jenifer Shaw Jenifer Shaw
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