» » Sixteen Years and Counting (2012)

Short summary

Diagnosed with ALS and given 3-5 years. Brian Vail lives day by day while trying to maintain a positive outlook.
Brian Vail was diagnosed with a terminal disease called ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Due to the nature of the disease, he was given the average life expectancy of only a few years. As the illness progressed, he created a personal tape-recording that was to be given to a certain member of the family at the right moment in time. Brian expresses his feelings and uncertainties about his future, but in the following years the outcome is different than what was expected.

As a child, Kyle Fisher knew Brian Vail prior to Brian's diagnosis with ALS.

A tape recording from 1997 was used throughout the documentary.

Credited cast:
Robert Neel Robert Neel - Himself
John Quinilan John Quinilan - Himself
Ben Vail Ben Vail - Himself
Brian Vail Brian Vail - Himself
Darlene Vail Darlene Vail - Herself
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