» » Toma Lá, Dá Cá A Ilha do Dr. Ladir (2005–2009)

Short summary

During the episode, it's mentioned that the main characters are going to the cinema. It's clear that they went watching Mamma Mia! La película (2008), since Mario Jorge and Arnaldo arrive singing some of the songs in the movie. In the final scene, all characters perform a music number with the melody of 'ABBA''s "Mamma Mia" and lyrics related to the series' universe.

Episode credited cast:
Aracy Balabanian Aracy Balabanian - Shafica Sarakutian
Norma Bengell Norma Bengell - Deyse Coturno
Adriana Esteves Adriana Esteves - Celinha
Miguel Falabella Miguel Falabella - Mário Jorge
Alessandra Maestrini Alessandra Maestrini - Bozena
Stella Miranda Stella Miranda - Álvara
Marisa Orth Marisa Orth - Rita
Alexandra Richter Alexandra Richter - Quietinha Albuquerque
Ítalo Rossi Ítalo Rossi - Ladir
Arlete Salles Arlete Salles - Copélia
George Sauma George Sauma - Tatalo
Fernanda Souza Fernanda Souza - Isadora
Daniel Torres Daniel Torres - Adônis
Diogo Vilela Diogo Vilela - Arnaldo
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