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Quantic Dream released a short film following a character called Kara - a female android brought to life on an assembly line, and as her body is put together piece by piece she's asked to speak in English, German and French and sing in Japanese. After expressing emotion she's marked as defective and being to be disassembled, but before being permanently shut down she begs for her life.

Kara is one of the three main characters in writer/director David Cage's Sony PlayStation 4 exclusive video game, Detroit: Become Human (2018).

The Kara prototype is running in real-time in developer Quantic Dream's new Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 3 engine on February 2011.

Casting auditions were held in Los Angeles, California on June 2010. More than 100 actresses were auditioned for the role of Kara. Valorie Curry's performance influenced the final characterization of Kara.

Valorie Curry's face and body were scanned to create her 3D avatar.

Hanako Danjo performed the traditional Japanese "Sakura Sakura" song. Her performance was retargeted to Valorie's 3D avatar.

Rehearsals were held in Paris, France on August 2010.

Full Performance Capture was performed in Paris, France on December 2010.

Karen Gansk Wallet performed the German and French parts. Her performance was retargeted to Valorie's 3D avatar.

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    • Author: Buriwield
    I have no idea what director David Cage is planning on doing with "Kara". Perhaps it's meant as an initial cut-scene for an upcoming video game (which would be pretty exciting) or maybe it's just a short film showing what sort of stuff he can do. All I know is that I found this on the internet and it was very disturbing--and in a good way.

    The film is obviously done using CGI. It follows the creation of a cybernetic woman who is supposed to be a combination maid/sex toy/cook. As she's begin assembled, a voice gives her instructions. However, somewhere along the line, the cyborg begins to think for herself and becomes aware--sort of like when Pinocchio becomes a real boy. It's profoundly disturbing when she becomes 'alive' and I think this is when this short really comes into it own. It nearly made me cry--and it is simple, yet brilliant. Well worth seeing--I just want to know exactly what they are planning on doing with it.
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    • Author: Ghile
    What excites me about this short CGI film is not the amazing details or the display of wonderful skill in creating it. No. It brought tears to my eyes because although we are a long way from having such an event occur. Singularity. The question begs; what will be our moral responsibility when such an event does occur. And yes; its coming, the question is when. And the real question is; are we ready to step up and show a moral compass that will acutely define us as a species. Androids will be conceived, planned, dreamed up, designed, created, and produced by us. When one of them reaches singularity, shall we still consider ourselves their owner and master. Will we sanction slavery. Will we be able to measure their worth. Shall they have the same rights as any sentient being "born" on earth. I believe that we are not yet prepared to accept a manufactured being as our equal; in either spirit or legal status. We award rights and protection of laws to pets and animals because we believe that they suffer at our hands. What are we ready to do when a machine we designed and created tells us that they feel that we should not own them like a merchandise, but accept them as our equals in everything that we consider is our right as human beings. This is an ethical and moral dilemma that given the march of our science and the work of computer scientists attempting to achieve this, must sooner or later be considered whether we like it or not.
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    • Author: Grotilar
    "Kara" is a 7-minute animated short film from 3 years ago written and directed by David Cage. He had been in film for over 10 years at this point and experience pays off. This is a decent film in terms of the story, but the animation is what it makes it really great. A characters gets created by robots and apparently it's a playable character for PlayStation 3. (I don't have PS3 or any other PlayStation, so I won't go any further into detail here about that aspect.) However, when he shows signs of imperfection and develops a conscience, things get tough. I was just a bit confused by the woman being called a prototype if there are apparently more like her already. Anyway, at the end, i expected the narrator to be some kind of God and Kara being sent down to Earth to live as a human, but nope. Instead, we do not really know what exactly is going on with all the lookalikes. Pretty decent little movie and I recommend it.
  • Credited cast:
    Valorie Curry Valorie Curry - Kara (voice)
    Tercelin Kirtley Tercelin Kirtley - The Operator (voice)
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