» » Grange Hill Episode #8.5 (1978–2008)

Short summary

Annette gives Stewpot an ultimatum when she finds out that he hasn't broken off with Claire yet. There are cross words exchanged when Mr. Smart parks in Mr. Bronson's old place. Old allegiances are still very much to the fore in the fight for the back seat on the bus. Even Jackie goes to sit with old Brookdale friends at lunch. With a planned edition of the musical "West Side Story" there's obvious irony to the idea of casting Jackie as Maria. Mandy accidentally smashes a window when she's teasing Fay about Julian, but won't own up. Claire's very suspicious about Stewpot, but he turns around her accusation and she becomes conciliatory. Zammo and Kevin start their part time daily job at the chippy, but Zammo suddenly remembers that he had promised to take Jackie to the concert...

Episode credited cast:
Tony Armatrading Tony Armatrading - Mr. McCartney
John Ashton John Ashton - Customer
Joanne Bell Joanne Bell - Sarah Wilks
Alison Bettles Alison Bettles - Fay Lucas
Paula Ann Bland Paula Ann Bland - Claire Scott
Mark Burdis Mark Burdis - Christopher 'Stewpot' Stewart
Douglas Chamberlain Douglas Chamberlain - Julian Fairbrother
Nadia Chambers Nadia Chambers - Annette Firman
Mmoloki Chrystie Mmoloki Chrystie - Kevin Baylon
Andrew Cornell Andrew Cornell - Larry Blythe
Michael Cronin Michael Cronin - Mr. Baxter
Caroline Fabbri Caroline Fabbri - Hazel
Denise Glynn Denise Glynn - Sally
Caroline Gruber Caroline Gruber - Miss Washington
John Harris John Harris - Loop Wind
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