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During World War 2, a special Allied unit is formed to destroy a Nazi armored train that has been terrorizing the Yugoslavian countryside.

Final film of George Montgomery.

The film's memorial statement reads: "No nation suffered greater losses than Yugoslavia in World War II. 1,700,000 people, one out of eight, perished in the struggle to defeat Nazi Germany."

The closing epilogue states: "In 1945, Major Nestorovic [played by George Montgomery in the film], as a most valuable undercover OSS and 'Partizan' officer, was awarded for his bravery the highest 'Medal of Honor' in the country [of Yugoslavia].'

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    • Author: Moronydit
    This is one of those films you see for sale for 2 bucks or something cheap like that, boy I regret handing over that 2 bucks!

    I'll start this review by pointing out all the bad features of this film, and there are a few! First of all it looks like it was made on NO budget, the editing is poor, the direction is poor, the acting is poor, the sound effects dodgy and all the actors get around in seventies style hair cuts!

    The plot(which confused me at times)centers around a group a Yugoslavian partisans whose objective is to destroy a vital bridge which would effectively cut of oil supplies to the German Army. Thrown into this clap trap is a greedy bounty hunter (complete with mullet and pork chop sideburns!),a traitor and an old man who won't do it to his wife anymore! Oh and before I forget there's an OSS agent or two kicking around but I can't remember them doing anything in particular.

    Now to the good points, well apart from one alright looking battle scene involving an armoured train and partisans on horse back, this film has nothing good going for it! If you value your life don't waste 90 minutes of it by watching this.

    In summary I want my 2 dollars back! Avoid this stinker like the plague!
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    • Author: dermeco
    WILD WIND is one of a handful of Yugoslavian WW2 films made during the 1980s. In these would-be epics, a handful of partisans invariably fight back against Nazi oppression and end up winning the day.

    Sadly, these films are also marked by a lack of decent framing, staging, and budgeting, and they come across as cheap and slapdash more than anything else. The story of a planned attack on a fortified Nazi train should never be boring, but it is here, thanks to a general humdrum feel and some battle scenes which feel like stock footage.

    As is the case with these productions, a couple of American stars are brought in to prop things up (including old-timers George Montgomery and former child actor Jay North) while the rest of the cast is populated by local actors.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Jay North Jay North - Captain Schofield
    George Montgomery George Montgomery - Major Nestorovic
    Dale Cummings Dale Cummings - Nazi Lieutenant
    Dusan Janicijevic Dusan Janicijevic - Dusko Babovic
    Viktor Proskurin Viktor Proskurin - Nikolai (as Victor Proskurin)
    Svetlana Toma Svetlana Toma - Russian Girl
    Lyubov Polishchuk Lyubov Polishchuk - Nata (as Lubo Polishchuk)
    Milan Puzic Milan Puzic - Kosta
    Svetozar Cvetkovic Svetozar Cvetkovic - Sekulic the Bounty Hunter
    Dragomir Felba Dragomir Felba - Naum
    Miroljub Leso Miroljub Leso - Okati
    Mladen Nedeljkovic Mladen Nedeljkovic - Lt. Obari
    Svetlana Tulgara Svetlana Tulgara - Zlata
    Evgeniya Simonova Evgeniya Simonova - Bela (as Jevgenija Simonova)
    Vladan Zivkovic Vladan Zivkovic - Mitar Sekulic (as Vlada Zivkovic)
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