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An employee of a record manufacturing company comes up with a hit song.

The only one of George Formby's A.T.P. films in which he doesn't play a character called "George".

It was in this film that George Formby first sang the song that would become a big hit and his trade mark--"Leaning on a Lampost".

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    • Author: Agantrius
    For one reason and another this one and He Snoops To Conquer from 1944 are the 2 Formby films most difficult to come by, this was his 4th for ATP at Ealing and paradoxically the one with perhaps his most famous song in.

    Willie and Mary work at the local record factory, the Monarch Gramophone Co. and are in the process of buying a house and getting married. Much to her pub landlady Ma's opposition – "What you can see in that gump beats me". He needs to get a 5/- a week rise to fulfil their dreams – would the same still held true today for the rest of us! A big crooner without even a contract records Leaning On A Lampost for the Company but George drops and shatters the wax master galvanising him and Mary to cover it up by recording it themselves late one night and hoping that no one will notice the substitution… George regressed back to Willie for the last time in here, from now on George was always George, and Polly Ward playing his girlfriend was nicely exuberant and even came back for a second helping the next year in It's In The Air. Familiar British stock actors played everyone else in a cartoon-like fashion. Songs: Feather Your Nest (in the unfinished bedroom), cutting the famous Leaning On A Lampost (my favourite bit, in the studio - wonder if there really was a record catalogue number CA895?) and Happy As A Sandboy (at the house warming party built on castles of sand).

    There are many more trials and tribulations to come – the Turkish bath being one – but if you think this film will end in blank despondency you don't know your Formby! Overall it's another enjoyable piece of nonsense this time with a simple social commentary thrown in.
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    • Author: Welahza
    I cannot understand that this ,alone,of George Formbys films is unavailable and has not been shown on TV.It only gets a showing at the NFT now and again.The fact that it has not reached 5 votes yet speaks volume..This is one of the films that Formby made for Ealing Studios.It is also in my view one of his best because it has a reasonably entertaining story.It starts with George working in a record factory.A crooner sings "Leaning On A Lampost" Crosby style at a recording session.The recording is made on a wax disc which George manages to break.He secretly makes a replacement in his inimitable style.So the comedy arises from the fact that the studio bosses do not know that the change has been made. this film also has a satirical swipe at the jerrybuilding of houses in the 1930s suburban housebuilding boom in London.It is an entertaining film but one which few people have seen for many years. This is now available on DVD as part of the Ealing Rareities series
  • Credited cast:
    George Formby George Formby - Willie Piper
    Polly Ward Polly Ward - Mary Taylor
    Enid Stamp-Taylor Enid Stamp-Taylor - Daphne Randall
    Gilbert Russell Gilbert Russell - Rex Randall (as Val Rosing)
    Davy Burnaby Davy Burnaby - Sir Martin
    Jack Barty Jack Barty - Mr. Chester
    Clifford Heatherley Clifford Heatherley - Randall's Valet
    Frederick Burtwell Frederick Burtwell - Murgatroyd
    Ethel Coleridge Ethel Coleridge - Mrs. Taylor
    Jimmy Godden Jimmy Godden - Mr. Higgins
    Moore Marriott Moore Marriott - Mr. Jenkins
    Syd Crossley Syd Crossley - Police Constable
    Frank Perfitt Frank Perfitt - Studio Manager
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Tom Payne Tom Payne - Fortner
    The Three Rhythm Sisters The Three Rhythm Sisters - Themselves
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