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George tries to butter up the people in the neighborhood because he is running for city counsel under the guise that he wants to improve things in his community. In reality, he has plans to buy the florist shop next door to his dry cleaner and knock down the wall so he can expand his business. Unfortunately, he needs Archie's signature on the petition in order to get other people in the neighborhood to sign it. Lionel opens his big mouth about George's plan to Archie but then tells his father that the plan won't work because the floral shop is in a district that he would be working in.

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    • Author: Berenn
    This terrific episode has George Jefferson running as a Republican candidate for a local office, supposedly to help the community out, but the real reason comes to fruition soon enough. George must get several signatures in order to run for office, and it pains him to have to try to get Archie's, who doesn't think that George even looks like a Republican, but he attempts to bribe Archie with cheaper prices from his cleaning store, and he even brings over his wife's chocolate cake, even though it was for a local church. In a rare occurrence, we get a glimpse of the Jefferson's kitchen, where George, Weezy, and Lionel have a conversation. There's also a very funny scene at the Bunker's dinner table, where Mike keeps pestering Archie for more food. Regarding George's motive for political office, he wants to knock down the "ugly flower shop" next door in order to expand his cleaning business, but Lionel has a surprise for him, and all George's attempts to get into office is for naught. I'm not normally a huge fan of the Jefferson's in general, but they were very entertaining here.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Carroll O'Connor Carroll O'Connor - Archie Bunker
    Jean Stapleton Jean Stapleton - Edith Bunker
    Rob Reiner Rob Reiner - Michael 'Meathead' Stivic
    Sally Struthers Sally Struthers - Gloria Bunker-Stivic
    Mike Evans Mike Evans - Lionel Jefferson
    Isabel Sanford Isabel Sanford - Louise Jefferson
    Sherman Hemsley Sherman Hemsley - George Jefferson
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