» » The Prince Chap (1920)

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Cast overview:
Thomas Meighan Thomas Meighan - William Peyton
Charles Ogle Charles Ogle - Runion
Kathlyn Williams Kathlyn Williams - Alice Travers
Casson Ferguson Casson Ferguson - Jack, Earl of Huntington
Ann Forrest Ann Forrest - Phoebe Puckers
Peaches Jackson Peaches Jackson - Claudia (age 4)
Mae Giraci Mae Giraci - Claudia (age 8)
Lila Lee Lila Lee - Claudia (age 18)
Lillian Leighton Lillian Leighton - Aunt
Bertram Johns Bertram Johns - Ballington
Florence Hart Florence Hart - Claudia's Mother
Theodore Kosloff Theodore Kosloff - Yadder
Clarence Geldart Clarence Geldart - Helmer
Yvonne Gardelle Yvonne Gardelle
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