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Short summary

A gang of Home Health Care Nurses are dispatched to terminate undesirable health care patients.

Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Helene Udy Helene Udy
Maria Olsen Maria Olsen - Warden Smithers
Lynn Lowry Lynn Lowry - Sister Mary Wolfhardt
Monique Dupree Monique Dupree - Beatrice Jones
Julie Anne Prescott Julie Anne Prescott - Nurse Velma
Kaylee Williams Kaylee Williams - Nurse Melanie
Roni Jonah Roni Jonah - Nurse Rosemary
Brittany Blanton Brittany Blanton - Nurse Tonya
Andrea Collins Andrea Collins - Nurse Chloe
Nurse Hatchet Nurse Hatchet - Nurse Hatchet
Sarah Giercksky Sarah Giercksky - Nurse Angelika
Dixie Gers Dixie Gers - Nurse
Scott Tepperman Scott Tepperman - Manny
Lucretia Lynn Lucretia Lynn
Cara McConnell Cara McConnell
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