» » Prisoner Episode #1.8 (1979–1986)

Short summary

Bea Smith and the other inmates find out about Frankie's plans to get paroled and live on a farm so they try to rile her into blowing her chances. Marilyn gets a job at a hotel but she is demoted after beauty consultant Helen Masters complains about her and then quits after being sexually harassed by her boss. She goes back on the game to buy Eddie a birthday present, prompting them to have a row and she walks out on him. Helen Masters is sent to Wentworth charged with manslaughter after her car is used in a hit-and-run. At first she is to be bailed but when she tries to skip the country the police send her to jail. She finds it hard to settle in, and is tormented by Vera Bennett and teased and bullied by the other prisoners. Finally, she announces she is withdrawing her bail application and intends to make as much trouble as possible while she is in Wentworth.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Kerry Armstrong Kerry Armstrong - Lynn Warner
Elspeth Ballantyne Elspeth Ballantyne - Meg Jackson
Carol Burns Carol Burns - Franky Doyle
Sheila Florance Sheila Florance - Lizzie Birdsworth
Patsy King Patsy King - Erica Davidson
Margaret Laurence Margaret Laurence - Marilyn Mason
Val Lehman Val Lehman - Bea Smith
Colette Mann Colette Mann - Doreen Anderson
Richard Moir Richard Moir - Eddie Cook
Barry Quin Barry Quin - Dr. Greg Miller
Fiona Spence Fiona Spence - Vera Bennett
Peta Toppano Peta Toppano - Karen Travers
Mary Ward Mary Ward - 'Mum' Brooks
John Arnold John Arnold - Doug Parker
Barry Michael Barry Michael - Mr. Guthrie
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