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    • Author: Fesho
    Just because our little first time $7,000 flick, which was made in my mid-twenties (over ten years ago), with now completely outdated technology (Hi-8 video), got good reviews is beyond me. But we got'em and the distributor slapped them on the box.

    Sorry you didn't like it. For every negative review we had ten times as many good to glowing reviews. Go figure.

    They're asking for a star rating... I'll give it a 6 since I was 60% happy with my own film ;) PS - What the hell! Appearantly you have to write ten lines of text for your review to be printed. I guess they'd have a huge list of people writing "AWSOME!" or "This Sucks" otherwise.
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    • Author: Kefrannan
    The Dividing Hour - Enjoyable indie flick- this was made on a shoestring($7000)- the sound levels are frustrating- even though the soundtrack has some good songs on it.We follow 4 bank-robbers as they make their escape -things take a turn for the worse when their vehicle crashes in the middle of nowhere.They end up at an isolated dwelling and are trying to cope with the situation while dealing with no communication with the outside world.Maybe I enjoy the concept of the movie more than the execution-but for fans of cheesy horror who can tolerate the sound gaffs this is a decent choice for a rental.The DVD has a commentary track by the Director and the producers,a making of featurette and an interview with the Gimp. C+
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    • Author: unmasked
    Yeah. So. I picked this gem out of the .99 cent bin at our local movie outlet.

    The folks who made this joke of a movie should be embarrassed. I don't mind indie/homemade films (in fact I hunt them out) but the quality of the stock is soooo bad. . .in terms of production value, it's a freak-show. But the ringer is THEY (the folks who actually made this visual feast) think it's a good movie. They even claim, on the cover, that Roger Ebert recommends it. Now I know he's been hard up for money and respect since Gene died (YES--people watched it for Gene, not the "populist--I'll give any old crap a thumbs up; waaaay up"--fat man), but I give him more credit than to put his (good?) name to such trash.

    Run away. Run Away.
  • Credited cast:
    Greg James Greg James - Dean
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    The Gimp The Gimp - Monster
    Brad Goodman Brad Goodman - Peter
    Jillian Hodges Jillian Hodges - Dawn
    Jay Horenstein Jay Horenstein - Al
    Garrett Pool Garrett Pool - Face in the water
    Brian Prosser Brian Prosser - Zach
    Michael J. Prosser Michael J. Prosser - Josh
    Max Yoakum Max Yoakum - Lewis
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