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Short summary

Garrett is a pizza delivery guy; he's beaten down in his monotony and needs a positive outlook. As fate has it his circumstance comes to a head and he's left to choose whether or not to keep his job or ditch it and ride the whims of destiny. Little does he know that he'll ride both fateful tides toward his eventual end as both of his present timelines play out with him in the driver's seat. Garret 1 trades a mundane job for gaming and goes destitute only to be saved by his parents; lifted up from his depression he finds the girl and the job. Garret 2 plows through his monotonous existence delivery pizzas to weirdos and stumbles upon the love of his life. Break up, picked back up, job, future, ensues.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Jonathan Biver Jonathan Biver - Garrett
Bret Porter Bret Porter - Narrator
Simone Carter Simone Carter
Hunter Davis Hunter Davis
Stacey Danger Stacey Danger
Michael Schuster Michael Schuster
Kate Torri Kate Torri
Leah Zhang Leah Zhang
Glen Hill Glen Hill
Shannon Lee Holmes Shannon Lee Holmes
Jaimyon Parker Jaimyon Parker
Sarah Lewis Sarah Lewis
Richie Quinto Richie Quinto
Thomas Harvey Thomas Harvey
Jordan Saldana Jordan Saldana
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