» » The Almighty Johnsons Typical Auckland God (2011–2013)

The Almighty Johnsons Typical Auckland God (2011–2013) watch online HD

The Almighty Johnsons Typical Auckland God (2011–2013) watch online HD
  • Original title:Typical Auckland God
  • Category:TV Episode / Drama / Fantasy
  • Released:2011–2013
  • Director:Michael Hurst
  • Actors:Emmett Skilton,Timothy Balme,Dean O'Gorman
  • Writer:James Griffin,Rachel Lang
  • Duration:43min
  • Video type:TV Episode

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Short summary

Penniless, abandoned and without his cell phone, Axl awakens in mysterious surroundings (and a woman's bed) yet in a familiar town. He winds up both in a happy relationship with a goddess (Frigg, maybe) and in a land dispute between homosexual-hating Thor and a fairly young neighboring gay couple. Ty, meanwhile, switches routes with a fellow courier (female) for each to avoid unsavory clients (in Ty's case, Ander's office - the functioning hub of Colin's political campaign). Uninvited guests crush his first attempt to date her, which also becomes a catalyst for a reversion of sorts (and a return of memory for Dawn).

Episode cast overview:
Emmett Skilton Emmett Skilton - Axl Johnson
Timothy Balme Timothy Balme - Mike Johnson (as Tim Balme)
Dean O'Gorman Dean O'Gorman - Anders Johnson
Jared Turner Jared Turner - Ty Johnson
Ben Barrington Ben Barrington - Olaf Johnson
Geoff Dolan Geoff Dolan - Derrick Hansen (as Geoffrey Dolan)
Colleen Davis Colleen Davis - Suzie
Fern Sutherland Fern Sutherland - Dawn
Kevin Keys Kevin Keys - Thom
Ryan Lampp Ryan Lampp - Kerry
Shane Cortese Shane Cortese - Colin Gunderson
Eve Gordon Eve Gordon - Stacey
Amanda Tito Amanda Tito - Allannah
Millen Baird Millen Baird - Lance
Matthew Saville Matthew Saville - Martin
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