» » Reconstructing Utøya (2018)

Short summary

In a series of reconstructions four survivors from the terrorist attack at Utøya in 2011 show what happened to them and how they survived.

The Composer Kjetil Schander Luhr composed parts of the music at the actual island of Utøya where the terrorist attack happened. Parts of the cello is recorded in the main hall and the piano is played on the piano with bullets holes in it still left in the small room at the main hall.

Credited cast:
Jenny Andersen Jenny Andersen - Herself
Rakel Mortensdatter Birkeli Rakel Mortensdatter Birkeli - Herself
Barbro Bugge Barbro Bugge - Herself
Sunniva Clark Sunniva Clark - Herself
Johanne Lovise Dikkanen Johanne Lovise Dikkanen - Herself
Vebjörn Karlsen Fosnes Vebjörn Karlsen Fosnes - Himself
Kaleb Haile Kaleb Haile - Himself
Torje Hansen Torje Hansen - Himself
Harriet Amalie Hanssen Harriet Amalie Hanssen - Herself
Marianne Hetland Marianne Hetland - Herself
Andreas Kjosmoen Andreas Kjosmoen - Himself
Nicolas Steffensen Krane Nicolas Steffensen Krane - Himself
Opal Mariell Lomgård Opal Mariell Lomgård - Herself
Torstein Myklebust Torstein Myklebust - Himself
Ragnild Risnes Ragnild Risnes - Herself
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