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Two bank tellers, on the lam for theft and an accidental homicide, flee to the wilds of upper New York state, en route to Canada and freedom. But they aren't the only creatures stalking those woods...

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    • Author: Cobyno
    Another original script in a 'Creepshow' vein, 'Forest of the Dark Unbound' starts off as a fairly straightforward crime story, only to take a sharp left into something else altogether. And it works, even if the scene that signals the transition from one to the other is a bit too exposition-heavy to be entirely believable. What really makes 'Forest of the Dark Unbound' pop is the interplay between the runaway bank tellers, as played by Elizabeth Gracen and newcomer Catherine Kamei- their snappy dialogue and gamut of emotions really make it sound as if they're longtime friends who have managed to get themselves into a world of trouble.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Rocky Cerda Rocky Cerda - The Conductor
    Elizabeth Gracen Elizabeth Gracen - Loretta
    Catherine Kamei Catherine Kamei - Vi
    Eric Kelly Eric Kelly - Highway Patrolman #2
    Dana Perry-Hayes Dana Perry-Hayes - Dottie McIntyre
    Johnny Francis Wolf Johnny Francis Wolf - Highway Patrolman #1
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