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Filmed across one extraordinary year in New York City's Westbeth Artists Housing, video artist Edith Stephen (95) hopes to complete an experimental film for her birthday; revered contemporary dancer Dudley Williams (75) rehearses for an electrifying return to the stage; and published poet Ilsa Gilbert (82) faces her impending mortality with revealingly candid poetry. An inspirational story about community, ageing and the need to keep creating.

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    • Author: Feri
    This stream of consciousness documentary follows three elderly people as they cope with Winter – the fourth and final season – in a large re-purposed industrial complex of buildings, the Bell Telephone Company's laboratories in Manhattan. Old technology, such as vacuum tubes, telephone switching, gramophone records, even transistors were the building's first residents, personified by the current residents, old technology people, who write by hand using pencils. The three are in their seventies, eighties and nineties respectively and the movie shows major events of their lives, such as their deceased partners and career highlights, using flashbacks, pieces to camera, and filmed visits to archives. Some of the close-ups show hair, wrinkles and make-up with confronting detail while some sequences are cloyingly over-sentimental. The sentimentality is offset as the three face the challenge of remaining relevant and reinventing themselves as silicon chip microprocessors, leaving the audience with warm, positive feelings about old age.
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