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'Spectators' is an observational animation that inverts the expected focus of a football match, turning attention to those on the periphery. The film investigates social interaction and human behaviour, revealing the diversity of character found among football spectators, which can often become obscured by the mass.

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    • Author: Moralsa
    Ross Hogg has apparently worked on two short films, "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" and "Spectators"--both from 2013. I know nothing more about the man and IMDb gives no further information. However, he apparently made the films while attending the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.

    This short film is told without words. It simply consists of the viewer watching the crowd and individuals in the crowd at a sporting even instead of focusing on the sport itself. In fact, it's not even clear WHAT the even is.

    The animation is very simple and seems like it was done with soft pencils. Because it is so simple, it's not as fluid or 'perfect' as a typical animated short. But it IS interesting and I like the style of the film. Is it a must-see? Certainly not, but I can't wait to see more from Hogg after he hones his craft further.
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    • Author: Vinainl
    Movie spectators only accustomed to mainstream animation films will get bored and hate this, in spite of its really short length. Though, animation style is quite innovative, not only by its technique (which reminded me a little the brilliant "The boy and the world", from Brazil) but also by focusing more on the mood than on the events. It really captures the spirit of this sport (in my opinion, fans make it much more important and interesting than the players themselves). Anyone who likes football (soccer) and uses to attend stadiums will recognize many of the reactions of thee anonymous characters. Indeed, football (soccer) fans may be much more diversified than non fans may imagine, and Ross Hogg captures it quite well, without needing to show a single speech. The vintage board style used for credits also contribute for the nice atmosphere. If you like football (soccer) and is not interested only in mainstream movies, give this short film a chance. It is a beautiful goal.
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