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Giles travels to London for a watchers' meeting to discuss about Glory and leaves Anya in charge of the Magic Box. When Willow uses the supplies of the store to cast a spell to create a ball of sunshine to help Buffy to slay vampires, Anya argues with her and the distracted Willow releases a troll imprisoned in a parallel world. Olaf the troll destroys the store and goes to the Bronze to drink beer with the intention of eating babies. Meanwhile, the whimpering and needy Buffy is missing Riley and Willow and Anya chase Olaf. When they fight against the troll, Xander unsuccessfully tries to help his girlfriend and his best friend, and Olaf asks him to choose between Anya and Willow who might live.

Unlike most episodes, in which everything magical is fictional, during the fight which takes place in The Magic Box, in the background is a rack filled entirely with copies of the real-world Neo-Pagan magazine Green Egg, published by the Church of All Worlds.

We learn that Tara is allergic to shrimp.

Olaf's hammer will prove to be a crucial weapon against Glory in the season finale.

During Willow and Anya's argument while looking for a reversal spell, they both allude to future plot paths involving Anya returning to demon form, and Willow turning evil. In both instances it involves Xander, as Anya turns evil again because of Xander, and Willow returns from being evil due to Xander.

Willow foreshadows Amy becoming evil, mentioning that she thinks she made Amy smart and that she's "planning something."

This is the actual first time that Spike mentions the onion flower. It will appear later in this season. In season 7 he and Andrew will have a conversation about it.

This is the first appearance of Olaf the troll, who later appears (in human form) in a flashback in the Season 7 episode "Selfless".

Though being still an employee of Giles and just a temporary manager of Magic Box, Anya is very upset when Willow jokingly does magic tricks on articles on sale. A pale anticipation of how she shall feel at the end of next season.

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    • Author: Nidora
    "Triangle" isn't the most important episode of the season. It mainly deals with Olaf the troll rampaging through Sunnydale. But, like many of the monster-of-the-week episodes in season five, it has a larger part in the main story arc. In this case it gives the Scoobies a magic troll hammer that will come in handy later in the season. All in all "Triangle" is a lot of fun and definitely worth a look.

    "Triangle" revolves around Giles leaving town and putting Anya and Willow in charge of the Magic Box. He's headed to England to consult with the Watcher's Council about Glory. Willow and Anya have different managerial styles, and soon their bickering about everything that happens in the shop. When Willow's newest spell goes wrong, they accidentally set a troll loose on Sunnydale. Meanwhile Buffy is sad that Riley's gone and Spike is nervous that she will blame him for the breakup. He and Xander meet up at the Bronze where Xander complains that Willow and Anya always put him in the middle of their arguments and Spike digs for information about Buffy. As they talk and play pool, the troll bursts in looking for mead, wenches and babies to eat.

    Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies aren't far behind. They try to fight the troll, but he's too strong and he gets away. Not before he tells them all that he used to date Anya, though. In fact, she's the one who turned him into a troll in the first place. Olaf, not surprisingly, is holding a grudge. Willow and Anya work on a spell to make him disappear, but Olaf tracks them down again. Xander tries to stop him, and Olaf is impressed with his fighting skills, although he is a "tiny man." He offers to let Xander pick which woman live and then he'll kill the other one. Xander refuses and Olaf's about to crush them all when Buffy arrives to save the day.

    There's a lot to like about this episode. Olaf is great. Very funny and his "troll syntax" just cracks me up. "Triangle" also introduces the running joke that Spike loves those deep fried, flowering onions things, which will play right into season seven. It also brings up the "world of shrimp" again, which I always enjoy. And it is our first glimpse of Anya's past. (She'll get her own episode in season seven, "Selfless.") I also think that Willow and Tara are adorable in this episode. They're trying to make balls of sunshine and giggling about "The Cat in the Hat." The two of them are really cute together and they're totally in sync. And line for line you just don't get much funnier than Willow mocking Anya, "I like money more than people. People can so rarely be exchanged for goods and/or services." You also just have to laugh when Spike "helps" Buffy up, while none-to-subtly copping a feel. Finally, it's nice that Xander have Spike have a scene together in this episode. When Olaf asks where there are babies because he wants to eat them, Spike turns to Xander and says "What do ya think? Hospital?" Xander's incredulous "Shut-up!" is pretty hilarious.

    Anya and Willow have a prickly relationship and this episode explores their different points of view. Neither of them is exactly right or wrong in "Triangle". Willow has been suspicious of Anya since "Dopplegangland" back in season three. (Where Anya accidentally brought Willow's vampire twin to Sunnydale.) And Anya is often bored with the Scoobies and has trouble dealing with the "rules" of the human world. Underlying all of Willow and Anya's disagreements, though, is their love for Xander. Willow and Xander have been together since they were children. They've always been the most important people in each other's lives. Now Xander has a real, steady girlfriend and Willow is afraid that she will lose Xander. Or that Anya will hurt Xander, since she's an ex-vengeance demon and all. (Which isn't really a far-fetched idea. See "Entropy" in season six.) Anya, on the other hand, is jealous that Willow and Xander are so close. Xander usually follow's Willow lead and they have memories that no one else is a part of. Anya also knows that Willow and Xander's relationship broke up Xander and Cordy in season three. (In fact, Anya's only in Sunnydale because Cordelia's vengeance went so wrong in "The Wish.") So, they both have legitimate fears and concerns. In "Triangle" they have to confront them and try to move on.

    On the downside, is Oalf really a troll god? In "The Gift" the say that he was, but I don't hear it mentioned in this episode. Also, I do think that Anya had a point... Willow was kinna stealing those supplies.

    My favorite part of the episode: Spike practicing his "apology" to the Buffy mannequin. Somehow he ends up getting into a fight with it, cursing a blue streak, beating it with a box of candy and, finally, losing the argument and having to start the apology all over again. It's one of the funniest scenes of the whole season.
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    • Author: Macill
    Giles travels to London for a watchers' meeting to discuss about Glory and leaves Anya in charge of the Magic Box. When Willow uses the supplies of the store to cast a spell to create a ball of sunshine to help Buffy to slay vampires, Anya argues with her and the distracted Willow releases a troll imprisoned in a parallel world. Olaf the troll destroys the store and goes to the Bronze to drink beer with the intention of eating babies. Meanwhile, the whimpering and needy Buffy is missing Riley and Willow and Anya chase Olaf. When they fight against the troll, Xander unsuccessfully tries to help his girlfriend and his best friend, and Olaf asks him to choose between Anya and Willow who might live.

    "Triangle" is a funny episode, with many hilarious situations. Olaf the troll, Anya, Willow, Xander, Spike and Tara have great lines that made me laugh, specially with the monologue of Spike with his mannequin. The most important scene is the last one, when the annoying Dawn listens to the discussion of Buffy, Giles and Joyce about The Key. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "O Triângulo" ("The Triangle")
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    • Author: Dandr
    The Good; All of it, a lightweight ep but a really good one, I think we've all had enough Buffy/Riley doomed romance and ill Joyce for a while. Time for some fun plus some lovely Buffy/Dawn bed scenes and a great redefinement of the Anya/Xander/Willow relationship.

    The Bad; Anya says she's never driven before but she refers to her car in Graduation Day pt2.

    Best line; Troll; "Do you know where there are babies?" Spike (to Xander) "Where do you think, the hospital?" Xander (shocked) "What? SHUT UP!" (that humanity still a work in progress, huh Spike? As is proved by him expecting credit for not feeding off the victims at the Bronze)

    Women good/men bad; Actually Anya seems to disparage women who constantly pick the wrong man meaning she has to inflict vengeance on them again and again. Anya made her boyfriend a troll to punish him for cheating on her.

    Jeez!; Eating babies?

    Kinky dinky; Buffy meets a nun who let's her try on her wimple which is a level of kink that even scares Xander (although from all we've learned it might be just Angel's thing?). Spikes rant at the mannequin is hysterically funny, pathetic and scary all at the same time. Anya intends to get around the health inspector by flirting with him. The Troll plans to make 'Merry sport' with Sunnydales more attractive daughters and 'making merry with the local virgins'. Spike seems to delight in copping a feel of Buffy when the troll knocks them both to the ground at the Bronze (his little smile as they get to their feet says it all). Anya reminds Willow that it was her lips that broke up Xander and Cordelia.

    Captain Subtext; Tara likes Greek studies, the Amazons?Sappho? Buffy and Tara snuggle, Buffy's distress at their fight obviously grounded in her and Riley. She asks the nun what the whole 'abjuring the company of men' is like, implying she's considering it. Will defensively states she would never have sex with Xander because 'Hello, gay now!' Lovely scene where Xander walks into the Magic Shop and sees Willow and Anya "Hey my two favourite girls"(notices Tara) "Three favourite girls". Love the little smile Tara gives when he says that. Xander says that Willow gives him a 'What do you see in her?' look concerning Anya, surely as a lesbian she should appreciate exactly what Xander sees in the beautiful Anya? Anya comments that Willow doesn't want anyone else to have Xander. Again with Riley gone Buffy seems to be drawing closer and closer to Dawn as an emotional/physical substitute.

    Scoobies to the ER; Xander pretty banged up, his hand seemingly broken.

    Apocalypses; 5,

    Scoobies in bondage: Buffy: 8 Giles: 4 Cordy: 5 Will: 3 Jenny: 1 Angel: 4 Oz: 1 Faith: 3 Joyce: 1 Wes: 1 Xander; 1 Dawn; 1

    Scoobies knocked out: Buffy at the magic shop Buffy: 16 Giles: 10 Cordy: 6 Xander: 8 Will: 5 Jenny: 2 Angel: 6 Oz: 3 Faith: 1 Joyce: 3 Wes: 1 Anya;1

    Kills: another vamp for Buffy Buffy: 94 vamps, 32 demons, 6 monsters, 3 humans, 1 spirit warrior & a robot Giles: 5 vamps, 1 demon Cordy: 3 vamps, a demon Will: 6 vamps Angel: 3 vamps, 1 demon, 1 human Oz: 3 vamps, 1 zombie, 1 werewolf Faith: 16 vamps, 5 demons, 3 humans Xander: 5 vamps, 2 zombies, a demon, a demon Anya: a demon Riley; 18 vamps + 7 demons

    Scoobies go evil: Giles: 1 Cordy: 1 Will: 2 Jenny: 1 Angel: 1 Oz: 1 Joyce: 1 Xander: 3

    Alternate scoobies: Buffy: 6 Giles: 3 Cordy: 1 Will: 2 Jenny: 2 Angel: 3 Oz: 2 Joyce: 2 Xander: 3

    Recurring characters killed: 9 Jesse, Flutie, Jenny, Kendra, Larry, Snyder, Professor Walsh, Forrest, McNamara

    Sunnydale deaths; 89;

    Total number of scoobies: 6 Giles, Xander, Willow, Buffy, Anya, Tara,

    Xander demon magnet: 5(6?) Preying Mantis Lady, Inca Mummy Girl, Drusilla, VampWillow, Anya (arguably Buffy & Faith with their demon essences?), Dracula?

    Scoobies shot: Giles: 2 Angel: 3 Oz: 4 Riley; 1

    Notches on Scooby bedpost: Giles: 2; Joyce & Olivia, possibly Jenny and 3xDraccy babes? Cordy: 1? Buffy: 3 confirmed; Angel, Parker,Riley, 1 possible, Dracula(?) Angel: 1;Buffy Joyce: 1;Giles, 2 possible, Ted and Dracula(?) Oz: 3; Groupie, Willow & Verucca Faith:2 ;Xander, Riley Xander: 2; Faith, Anya Willow: 2;Oz and Tara Riley; 3; Buffy, Sandy and vampwhore

    Questions and observations; Anya makes Xander promise he will send her big signals if he ever leaves her. Well, jilting her at the altar was a pretty big sign. Nice visual gag, Xander wonder's how Buffy is dealing with her breakup and the action cuts to a pretty young nun standing in the convent courtyard, for a moment we wonder if Buffy's taken her vows (Buffy the Vampire Slaying Nun would probably please some of the shows more puritan critics. Or maybe the kinkier ones depending on how you look at it?). Anya's top makes her look like a whale shark. Willow refers to Dr Seus and is ironically wearing a red/white striped top just like the character in the book. Buffy looks like she needs an after school burger. With Giles out of town and Riley and Oz gone Xander ends up confiding in Spike as the only other male around which foretells seasons 6 and 7. The origin of the phrase 'Insane troll logic'. Again a bit morally dubious letting the troll go. Joyce, Giles and Buffy are all in on the Dawn secret, Joyce refers to her as 'My little girl'.

    Marks out of 10; 8/10
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    • Author: Washington
    The first time I watched this I actually fell off my seat, was laughing so hard at Spike and his apology/reasoning well with himself (ya OK he had the mannequin dressed to be "Buffy") but it was really just him getting into not just an argument but fight with his own mind. His mind is a very funny place, kinda scary with a deff twist.

    Willow and Anya finally make a peace between them, of course they cause mayhem an all first, poor Giles comes back to destruction, but at least they got rid of the troll they brought out of some crystal, who was Anya boyfriend 1000yrs before.

    Willow saying "I wish Buffy was here" "Im here" she walks in saying right after, so Willow "I wish I had a million dollars", they all turn an look at her...would prob try the same...
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    • Author: RED
    Buffy suffering from a broken tries to keep it together. Anya & Willow set off to recapture a troll they set free. It's a nice humorous episode after all the drama as he damages the city dying for more ale and wenches. His Viking behavior cracks me up as he still thinks of it being the 16th century where he can plunder villages and demand babies to eat without anyone blinking an eye or thinking people still believe in his species. Anya even had a relationship with him until he cheated causing her to curse him yet he still tries to deny it after all these centuries and it's clear they both moved on. Also I feel bad for Buffy as she tries to take her mind off Riley with class, friends and her mother only to hold back the tears. She's been through so much yet still suffers heartbreak that you want her to finally get her happy ending instead of going through the pain.

    Another aspect is Spike thinking he has a shot with Buffy now with getting her gifts and helping to save people even though she sees right through it. Spike has really sicken low with the nice guy routine to get in a girl's pants instead of doing it because it's the right thing and it's disgusting.
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    • Author: Kulalbine
    Triangle has Giles head to London to meet with the Watchers Council to look into Glory and the Key. Anya and Willow watch over The Magic Box in his absence and accidentally summon a troll Anya use to date. Buffy tries to cope with her breakup with Riley.

    A more lighthearted episode than many this season, this one has a lot of comedy and not too much plot development. Anya and Willow's bickering can get a bit much in this. I hope this will end their squabbling moving forward. Not all the comedy works in this one and the goofiness can get a bit over the top. This wasn't one of my favorite episodes. Spike is practically groveling these days. What happened to the tough guy vampire who killed 2 slayers?
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    • Author: Vutaur
    I really enjoy this episode. It's funny and you learn more about Anya, which I enjoyed.

    In this episode, Willow is trying to create a ball of sunshine, using magic, to help Buffy with her vampire fighting. Anya distracts her and Willow accidentally, releases a troll who goes on a rampage and destroys everything, including The Bronze. He wants to eat babies, drink mead and get revenge on Anya. Because this troll is her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her, so she turned him into a troll. That's how she became a Vengeance Demon. It's just so funny. Especially when Anya tries to drive Giles' car and she says, "I'm going to put my foot on the right pedal. I believe this will make us go faster", or something along those lines.

    Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy Summers
    Nicholas Brendon Nicholas Brendon - Xander Harris
    Alyson Hannigan Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
    Emma Caulfield Ford Emma Caulfield Ford - Anya (as Emma Caulfield)
    Michelle Trachtenberg Michelle Trachtenberg - Dawn Summers
    James Marsters James Marsters - Spike
    Anthony Head Anthony Head - Rupert Giles (as Anthony Stewart Head)
    Abraham Benrubi Abraham Benrubi - Olaf
    Amber Benson Amber Benson - Tara Maclay
    Kristine Sutherland Kristine Sutherland - Joyce Summers
    Ranjani Brow Ranjani Brow - Young Nun
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