» » The Colgate Comedy Hour Episode #2.20 (1950–1955)

Short summary

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello host with guests actors Errol Flynn and Bruce Cabot, actress Rhonda Fleming, A & C stalwarts Sid Fields and Joe Kirk, The Pied Pipers, Al Goodman and his Orchestra, and a cameo by George Raft. On the way to work on Fleming's ranch, the boys encounter berserk Flynn doing the classic "Niagra Falls" routine ("Slowly I turn, step by step..."). Lou attempts to milk a cow, and he and Bud get the giggles, start ad libbing, and start spitting milk at each other. Sheriff Lou battles bad guy Flynn in a saloon. Rhonda Fleming performs "Don't Blame Me" and "I'm in Love With a Wonderful Guy."

Show includes a recreation of the famous Abbott and Costello "Niagra" sketch where Errol Flynn plays a lunatic who reacts violently to the phrase "Niagra Falls" - ("Niagra Falls! Slowly I turn, step by step...")

George Raft makes a cameo as himself after Costello brags about how he's not afraid of the tough guy. Raft punches him out.

In a bit with cows milk, Abbott and Costello get the giggles and start spitting milk at each other.

Episode credited cast:
Bud Abbott Bud Abbott - Himself - Host
Lou Costello Lou Costello - Himself - Host
Errol Flynn Errol Flynn - Himself - Actor
Rhonda Fleming Rhonda Fleming - Herself - Actress
Bruce Cabot Bruce Cabot - Himself -Actor
Sid Fields Sid Fields - Himself - Supporting Player
Joe Kirk Joe Kirk - Himself - Supporting Player
The Pied Pipers The Pied Pipers - Themselves - Singers
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Bobby Barber Bobby Barber - Guy with price on his head
Milt Bronson Milt Bronson - Extra in saloon
Chris Costello Chris Costello - Child in audience
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