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John Daly, an ex-Neo Nazi, fled to Israel when his gang tried to kill him for being Jewish. An old Skinhead friend finds John 25 years later and suggests they visit concentration camps in an effort to make amends for their past.

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    • Author: Malann
    This is truly a story of redemption unlike any other. Whether you are religious or not, it is extremely moving to see someone so lost move between a world of secret organized violence and hatred to a state of compassion and public atonement. The strongest components of the film are the interviews and the footage of two people reunited and determined to witness and validate the pain and suffering of the Holocaust. It is truly a miraculous story to me, even though I myself am an atheist. I hope other people will watch and listen, and come away from this film with an open mind and a broader perspective of what is possible in life. More stories like this are greatly needed to help heal the violence and xenophobia our world experiences.
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    • Author: Kemath
    Recently, I watched Escape from Room 18, which I was quite anxious to view having spent my high school years in the very town where the events told within occurred. It was my home town still as John and Kevin were caught up in the events. Seeing John's story depicted so poignantly, kept my undivided attention throughout, but once his and Kevin's journeys to concentration camps began, I was unable to hold back tears. I was immediately brought back to my own visit there two years ago. As a Holocaust researcher, writer, and the distant descendant of Holocaust victims, I watched with avid interest as John and Kevin discovered the truths that once they were blind to. The filming was so well done that tears flowed freely as I witnessed their transformation and as I actually felt their growth as people. This was incredibly well- done and has the potential to leave a lasting impact on those who have chosen the wrong path and those who are in any way intolerant. I sincerely hope people around the world get to watch this powerful documentary. You never know whose life it might change or the lives it could save. I thank the participants for courageously coming forward with this story, and thank you, Daniel Brea for sharing these important messages in such a memorable way.
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    • Author: Steelrunner
    This is an incredibly powerful film, documenting two men's journeys from hate and violence to some kind of understanding. At first it's hard to understand how John Daly, a Jew, could have been an officer of a neo-Nazi organisation, but the film explains the circumstances and charts his path to the realisation of what he has been through and the effect his actions and life have had on others.

    Daly's friend from the Nazi group, Kevin Connell, has made his own journey from Southern States fascist to understanding the real effects of racism, and the connection between The Holocaust – a phrase that is used today with little real understanding of the horrors that took place – and the actions and attitudes of present day neo-Nazis is made very well. An unusual film, both harsh and emotional, and one that stays with you.
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    • Author: skyjettttt
    This film really brought to light that gang activity reaches to even the smallest of towns and spreads hate to every corner of the world. I love how it explores the transformation a person is capable of making. This film had my attention throughout its entirety. The emotions in this film are raw and absorb you into the real-life story. I highly recommend this film to any audience.
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    • Author: LONUDOG
    Haunting.....that's the word that I kept thinking as I watched - from the imagery to the music and all the way through the narrative. Daniel Brea and Yan Fisher-Rom do a phenomenal job of telling John's story in a way that is compelling, while remaining respectful of the man he has become as a result of this journey. *Escape from Room 18* isn't your typical documentary about radicalism and a neo-Nazi movement, nor is it characteristic of most Holocaust films. It takes great strength and humility to tell this story.......Don't stop. It's about change and growth that transcends race and ethnicity, and ultimately a message of HOPE.
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    • Author: Captain America
    This emotional roller coaster shows the hate of a Nazi skinhead to the hope of a man with a brain tumour. I watched the momentous journey of John Daly as he faced numerous life challenges and saw him come out a more loving son and devoted friend. Try watching this movie without crying. I couldn't.
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    • Author: Maldarbaq
    "WOW!!" is what comes to my mind after watching this well and respectfully made documentary by director Daniel Brea and producer Yan Fisher-Romanovsky.

    "Escape from Room 18" brings an honest story with a message for today, but it doesn't end by just "telling a story": it also shows the "why" and "how". This specific story is about "neo-nazism" but the "mechanisms" are the same as any other form of radicalism and fundamentalism. That is why this documentary is an important tool in this fight. When you have to "sanction", it is too late. This film might actually help with "prevention". It should (also) be viewed in schools and correction facilities - as a warning and especially as a testimony of hope.

    I had some moments that I noticed some tear shaped drops in my eyes, but deny every rumor that it was caused by any other but (highly possible) allergy related symptoms.
  • Credited cast:
    Judy Boyd Judy Boyd - Herself (as Judy Daly)
    Kevin Connell Kevin Connell - Himself
    John Daly John Daly - Himself
    Ruth Daly Ruth Daly - Herself
    Rafa Garcia Rafa Garcia - young John
    Alexander Kaminer Alexander Kaminer - Neo-Nazi Skinhead Monsters (as Gleb Kaminer)
    Zvi Ram Zvi Ram - Himself - Professor Zvi Ram
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