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A man of dubious background, Lucky Loc has worked his way into respectable society as the owner of a company producing high-end ceremonial gifts to be burned as offerings to the dead. When his luck takes a sudden nosedive, he's convinced that it has to do with a torn money note which he slipped to a salesgirl at a flower shop, knowing local businesses don't accept damaged money. Believing that the same bill is his lucky charm, he scrambles to retrieve it from her. Complications arise when she decides to hold it for ransom. Set in Vietnam, Tien Chua is a social satire about a man struggling to survive the increasingly materialistic world with his soul and sanity intact, or at least partially intact.

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    • Author: grand star
    Great movie, I would recommend for couples and people who loves romantic stories. A perfect choice to watch in weekend, have some popcorn, and smile with the movie. It also contains some "ahhh" effect in the end and make you think of current life after that. The characters are very beautiful with excellent acts. There are many funny cases that the couples got trouble with that "lucky money" that makes me laugh a lot. And then think a lot. Girls should watch this movie if you are stuck at getting a suitable boyfriend. Money doesn't mean anything, but love and caring do. I would definitely watch it again. P/s: more suitable for girls than boys. Girls, you will love this movie!
  • Credited cast:
    Nguyen Hau Nguyen Hau
    Jayvee Mai The Hiep Jayvee Mai The Hiep - Chien
    Phuong Anh Leu Phuong Anh Leu - Hien
    Khuong Ngoc Khuong Ngoc - Lucky Loc
    Van Trang Van Trang - Quyen
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