» » The Black Dawn (2009)

Short summary

"The Black Dawn" follows thirteen college students who have mysteriously survived a deadly plague that has fallen over Los Angeles. Banding together, these survivors must find out what has happened...and why. As the mystery unfolds, startling new pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place until our heroes finally discover the secret behind the Black Dawn.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Jordan Warren Jordan Warren - Adam
Eamon Glennon Eamon Glennon - Lee
Misty Madden Misty Madden - Julie
Tristan Scott Tristan Scott - Noah
Kevin Harland Kevin Harland - Wally
William Landsman William Landsman - Samuel
David Siik David Siik - Fox
Christy Giannestras Christy Giannestras - Kristen
Kerri Hellmuth Kerri Hellmuth - Elyse
Todd Tetreault Todd Tetreault - Mack
Joel Sappington Joel Sappington - Dwayne
Bobo Chang Bobo Chang - Alex (as Bobo)
Missy Walker Missy Walker - Grace
Amanda Turner Amanda Turner - Elizabeth
Rachelle Klemme Rachelle Klemme - Tricia
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